Chef Collin Brown’s Escovitch Fish

Chef Collin Brown's Escovitch Fish

Chef Collin Brown’s Escovitch Fish

A Jamaican favourite, escovitch fish combines the bold flavours of a peppery vinaigrette with succulent fish for a delectable treat. Here, Chef Collin Brown shares his take on a classic dish.


1 snapper fillet

1 tea spoon of all-purpose seasoning

½ tea spoon of black pepper

A sprinkle of salt

For sauce:

½ of onion

1 carrot

½ of red pepper

½ of green pepper

A sprinkle of salt

4 table spoons of vinegar


Season fish with black pepper, all-purpose seasoning and salt.

In a hot frying pan add oil and fry fish for 3 min on each side.

Method for sauce

In another sauce pan add oil from the fish,

onion, peppers, carrots and scotch bonnet pepper

and sauté with vinegar for 3 min.

Put fish on a serving plate and pour sauce over the fish with the vegetables.

Garnish and serve