4 Reasons to Dine at Zimbali’s Mountain Cooking Studio

Today, an increasing number of consumers are more considerate of how ingredients are sourced and the atmosphere in which they dine. Zimbali’s Mountain Cooking Studio is nothing short of a paradise for health conscious foodies looking to be kind to the Earth, their bodies and the community. A top rated restaurant in Jamaica, here are 4 reasons to have your next meal at Zimbali’s:

They don’t serve red meat.

There’s plenty to choose from to satiate your palate at the Mountain Cooking Studio, but you’ll never see red meat being offered. Instead, there is a varied assortment of meals ranging from Conch, Lobster, Fish, Chicken, Vegetarian and Vegan meals, to Gluten-Free options. The Mountain Cooking Studio wants to do more than just fulfill you. They want you to feel refreshed from healthy cuisine and filled with energy as you enjoy your time spent at this idyllic retreat.

The ingredients are always fresh.

Only organic, locally sourced ingredients are used for cooking at this restaurant, and there are various benefits to this approach. Farm to table meals are the freshest because they hold on to their natural seasonings. Gastronomy rooted in organic ingredients is also free of the harmful pesticides and chemicals found in many commercial foods that must be shipped to distant locations. Not to mention, when you eat local, fresh foods, more than your taste buds will benefit. The farm to table approach benefits the eatery and the entire local community by helping to boost the local economy.


You can experience the African drumming performances on Wednesdays.

Music is known to be beneficial for the soul, mind, and the body, but Zimbali’s makes the fusion of food of food and music a completely unique cultural experience by featuring African drummers on Wednesdays. With every beat of the drums, you’ll feel as if you’re being transported to a new world of rhythm and culinary delights.

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There is no menu.

What better way to experience the true creativity of a chef than to delight in his personal gastronomic selections? At Zimbali’s Mountain Cooking Studio, the element of surprise comes with your meal. Let these chefs prepare an unexpected dinner you’re guaranteed to love. Considering the fresh ingredients made available from the beautiful farm seen on the property, patrons can relish in the joys of a true Jamaican fusion filled with flavor and beauty.