Affordable celebrity beauty lines

Actresses, models and social media stars know a thing or two about beauty. After all, part of their job is to look good for the camera. Whether they are all dressed up for the red carpet or putting their best face forward for a photo shoot, chances are there is going to be some amazing makeup artistry taking place behind the scenes to help them look stunning in pictures.

With years (and in some cases, decades) of experience behind them, several female celebrities decided to start their own cosmetics lines to bring their personal brand of beauty to the masses. With keen insight into what has worked best in their careers, while also staying attuned to the needs and budgets of working women who want to look a bit more finished when they step out the door each day, they have created a diverse array of beauty products at accessible price points for every woman.

Here are a few stars whose lines we love:


A muse to many premier fashion designers since the late 70s, the legendary supermodel knows firsthand the struggles of finding complimentary shades to match a variety of skin tones.

Early in her career she had to mix and blend products that she purchased in order to find something that worked for her because many makeup artists didn’t have pigments that matched her complexion. So the statuesque Somalian stunner finally took matters into her own hands in a big way and started her widely acclaimed cosmetics line geared towards women of color in 1994. Check out her foundation and her richly pigmented eyeshadows.

Eva Mendes

Actress Eva Mendez is the creative director of Circa Beauty, a new drugstore beauty line launched in 2015 and sold exclusively at Walgreens.

The American-born Cuban beauty expressed an interest in creating superior products at affordable price points in a range of colors, undoubtedly influenced by the multiracial communities she saw growing up in her native Miami. Fans love her sophisticated eyeshadow palettes and lip colors, while beauty editors have raved about her BB cream.

Salma Hayek

With a career that appears to have been kissed by fate, Salma Hayek had limited fluency in English when she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her calling in the film industry, eventually becoming one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood. She later married François-Henri Pinault CEO of behemoth Luxury fashion conglomerate Kering, cementing her status as a fashionista with one of the most enviable closets on the planet.

Inspired by her grandmother who used to make her own skincare products, the Mexican-Lebanese bombshell developed a range of cosmetics, skincare and hair care made of deeply nourishing and healing botanicals.

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