Anatomie Apparel is Flying High with NetJets®

Anatomie Apparel, a Miami-based, European-style clothing designer and manufacturer, has created a marketing partnership with NetJets®, the world-wide leader in private aviation. Since NetJets simplifies corporate and private travel for its clients and Anatomie simplifies travel clothes for women and jet-set clientele, the joint venture took flight. While NetJets was considering purchase of Anatomie’s signature lambskin leather jackets for it pilots, the companies decided to provide new NetJets members with a $3,000 gift card for Anatomie Apparel as a signing incentive. This special benefit is now being offered with the purchase of a new NetJets Share®, NetJets Lease®, of Marquis Jet Card. In addition, existing NetJets customers can obtain a $1,000 gift card for Anatomie as a corporate thank you for their on-going business. The gift cards can be redeemed by shopping online, at an Anatomie trunk show or on a visit to their headquarters showroom in Miami, located nearby the Miami International Airport.

Anatomie apparel began as a fashionable exercise clothing company, and then grew to encompass lifestyle designer apparel through private collections for Elite Models Fashion Sport, Cigarette Racing Team, Lamborghini and others. Sold online, through international elite boutiques and in private trunk shows, Anatomie apparel fits the needs and bodies of women who want to look stunning, sophisticated and sexy, wearing travel clothes for women that exude comfort and ease. Teaming with NetJets, a prestigious Berkshire Hathaway company, is the perfect fit for Anatomie Apparel® fashion on the fly!

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