5 Ways To Appreciate The Natural Beauty Of Montserrat

Deemed “The Emerald Isle of the Caribbean,” Montserrat is full of natural beauty and wonder. Among the lesser known tourist destinations, it’s found in the Leeward Islands in the British West Indies. Of course, you’ll get a glimpse of the Soufriere Hills volcano, but to continue to make the most of your trip to Montserrat, here are 5 more adventures to consider.

Hike in Silver Hills.


The Silver Hills Hiking Trails offer a rewarding trek that can lead you to the serene Rendezvous Bay Beach. Found in the northern region of Montserrat, these trails give way to beautiful views you won’t soon forget.

Visit Rendezvous Bay Beach.

Rendezvous Bay in Montserrat

If you aren’t taking the hiking trails towards Rendezvous Bay Beach, you should know that it can only be accessed via boat. It’s the only white sand beach in Montserrat and well worth the effort for those who enjoy a bit of seclusion with a majestic swim.

Stay at Cythera.


In Greek mythology, Cythera was where the gods went to vacation, hence the inspiration for the name of this villa. Cythera is located on a cliff, and as a guest, you have no shortage of peaceful amenities. Entertain your traveling companions, rest comfortably, or enjoy swimming in the outdoor pool while watching the birds that are native to the region.

Eat at Ponts Beach View.

In Little Bay, Pont’s Beach View Restuarant sits alongside the water while serving up authentic and local cuisine. It’s the perfect place to dine and lime with its natural surroundings that are just as impressive as the food. Far from your typical restaurant setting, you can hear the birds singing as you eat in the company of lush, tropical plants and take in the views of the sea.

Go Snorkeling.


Snorkeling enthusiasts often note the exquisite beauty of the coral reefs that are well-preserved and rich in Montserrat. The local snorkeling tours are a fit for the novice as well as the experienced, making it a “must do” on your trip to Montserrat.