Art in Puerto Rico: Feed the Senses


By Princella Talley | OCEAN Style writer

Puerto Rico is a haven for artists of all genres, with landmarks and other attractions to prove it.  Old San Juan is renowned for its history and art, but creative outlets can be found all over the island.  Puerto Rican art is all about inspiring and connecting people. These are four places that best express the importance of the arts.

Visit Museo Art de la Ponce

This museum is the biggest in the Caribbean and houses a collection of art from European and Puerto Rican artists.  Throughout its 14 galleries, you will find 4,500 pieces on display to incite your curiosity and educate you on Puerto Rican history. This Museum is a world-class venture that was established by Luis A. Ferre.

Ferre held major political positions in Puerto Rico and was also an artistic philanthropist, and businessman.  He held the belief that all of the details mattered when it came to art, making him a pre-Raphaelite by definition, and leading to this inspirational museum.

Spend time exploring Old San Juan

Old San Juan happens to be of the oldest settlements in Puerto Rico.  It is a place where you can spend a couple of hours, a full day, or many days.  There are all sorts of things in this district, ranging from hotels to stay in and shopping venues to restaurants and landmarks.  It was put on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.  In more recent times, it has become a National Historic Landmark in 2013.

You can learn a bounty of information about Puerto Rico here, and experience a bit of its history by walking down the cobblestones streets and seeing the buildings that have stood since the 16th century when Spain owned Puerto Rico.  Browse the Puerto Rican Arts and Crafts Shop.

Arts and crafts are big in Puerto Rican culture, so it only makes sense to visit the Puerto Rican Arts and Crafts Shop.  It is located in Old San Juan, the perfect place to meld with the artistic values of the area.  Browse inside the shop to see the different styles of ceramics, handcrafts, and many more pieces of art that are authentic and distinctive.  You can also purchase items that impress you and return with them as keepsakes.  Just be sure you have enough to give others as souvenirs.

Take a culture tour

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The Flavors of San Juan Food and Culture Tours let you participate in food sampling, sightseeing, and rum tasting while you learn about the great artists and historians who have made Puerto Rico what it is today.  The food tour travels through Old San Juan and this three-hour adventure pairs you with personable guides.  The escorts ensure that you are enjoying yourself as you walk around and take in the city of San Juan from a historical perspective.

Wear comfortable shoes to keep your feet happy as you visit this colonial space. The tour is so popular that it has been seen on many major news networks including Caribbean Life and Travel, CNN, and BBC.

Go to the Nuyorican Cafe

The staff, owners, and the performers won’t treat you like a tourist here.  Everyone is family at this local delight.  See how the natives live and have a good time when you stop by this cafe.  If you enjoy a vibe of eclecticism and a bohemian feel, you have found the perfect outlet.  Going to this cafe to see the live bands and dancers perform is both exciting and awe-inspiring, making this hangout a mix of a traditional café and artistic hotspot.

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