Art Work in Privé Twin Towers’ collection

Ross Bleckner’s Dome Series; Two untitled commissioned works

Ross Bleckner, a New York-based contemporary artist, is best known for his works dealing with loss and memory, notably tackling the emotional toll brought by the AIDS crisis in 1980s. His poetic works often employ recurring symbolic imagery, such as candelabras, doves, and flowers, rendered with a blurred, glowing sense of light. Bleckner is long associated with the Mary Boone Gallery, which championed several of the so-called art stars of the 1980s. His work has since been the subject of numerous solo exhibitions, including his midcareer retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum in New York in 1995.

The commissioned pieces for Privé’s lobbies involve Bleckner’s new technique of using bleach to pare back the paint buildup, making it appear more luminous, spatial, celestial and spiritual.

Shay Kun’s Tear Drops series

Shay Kun is an Israeli-American painter known for his post-modern interpretation of the Hudson River School movement, the 19th century American art movement embodied by a group of landscape painters whose aesthetic vision was influenced by romanticism. With parents respected as Holocausts survivors and painters, Kun’s works positon humans as intruders on the planet, oblivious to the damage inflicted upon nature. He has exhibited worldwide at solo shows and biennales, including Linda Warren projects in Chicago, Benrimon Contemporary in New York, Michael Schultz Gallery in Berlin, Hezi Cohen Gallery in Tel Aviv the 51st Venice Biennale, to name a few.

Kun’s Tear Drop series has a recurring theme: the clarity of water and its traveled path that evokes nostalgia and self-perceived memories. He focused on the idea that humans distort memories and images to fit their needs.

 Matthew Harding; Two untitled commissioned sculptures

Matthew Harding is an innovative Australian artist and famous for his sculptural art. Harding is known for constantly pushing the boundaries of the material he uses for his works and its conventional process. His masterworks range in forms of stainless steel (mirror polished and exoskeletal), carving figurative granite and wood, and weaving delicate monofilament. Harding is a recipient of multiple national sculptural awards across Australia, including the McClland National Sculpture Award.

The theme and intention of Harding’s two stainless steel commissioned sculptures are to “enfold” and “enrapture” meaning to bring together and enchant the Privé Island community through sustainable living.

Thomas Swanston; Two untitled commissioned paintings 

Thomas Swanston is an Atlanta-based artist known for his series of paintings depicting cranes and their migration, which speaks to the mystical movement through space and time. Swanston has exhibited his art work in 20 solo and more than 50 group gallery exhibitions, including Sense Gallery in San Francisco, Lowe Gallery in Atlanta and Los Angeles, M-13 in New York, Horizon Gallery, Jackson Hole, Soren Christensen, New Orleans, Los Angeles and more.

The two commissioned pieces represent the conservation of cranes and their migration cycle, which is a symbolism of nature’s ability to change and remain consistent throughout the everchanging seasons.

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