Awaken: Meditation for Breaking Free From Social Programming

NEW YORK — Awaken Meditation has launched an iPhone app, available for download on the iOS store that combines mindfulness practice, social contemplation, and journaling. The company, started by entrepreneur Ravi Mishra and artist Susan Stainman (both meditation teachers as well), is in the midst of a successful Kickstarter campaign, offering discounted memberships to raise the final funds for a fully featured app for both iOS and Android.

“Awaken offers a method of meditation that examines our whole lives in the context of our society and encourages courageous vulnerability and openness,” Mishra said.

Awaken teaches meditation through a series of audio-guided practices, which draw from classic mindfulness philosophy and focus on contemplating real life: work, relationships, habits, culture and politics. The app features a social media approach to mindfulness practice, ending each session with a journal prompt and a newsfeed of responses. Recent meditations have examined the following, just to name a few:

  • Gender roles and unconscious bias
  • Relationships in the context of impermanence
  • Habit formation

Mishra is launching his second company after his first was acquired in 2012. With a deep background in tech and software and a decade-long passion for meditation and Eastern Philosophy, Mishra is excited to bring his multiple fields of expertise together with Awaken.

Stainman is a Brooklyn based visual artist and meditation practitioner. She teaches practices at the intersection between creativity and mindfulness and is looking forward to helping people access their inner wisdom to live more authentically and affect change in our communities and world.

The Kickstarter campaign offers instant access to an Awaken membership. Once they become a part of the Awaken community, users can access the full library of pre-recorded and live streaming meditation classes. They’re also offering two one in a lifetime opportunities for high-tier donors. The first is a half day workshop ($4,995) with the founding teachers of Awaken, rooted in meditation, spiritual practice and social dynamics. It’s guaranteed to be transformational for all involved. The second is a full day workshop ($9,995) in the same vein.

About the company: Awaken is an innovative meditation app that applies Buddhist philosophy to our entire lives and employs a social networking approach to encourage community and conversation. You can learn more about them on their website and KickStarter Page.

SOURCE Awaken Meditation