The Beaches of Bávaro, Punta Cana

Bávaro Beach

In the eastern region of the Dominican Republic, the hypnotic waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea gracefully collide, creating a world of beauty and liveliness. This world is known as Bávaro, a respite in Punta Cana where beachgoers sip on refreshing cocktails beneath the towering palm trees while taking in the sights and relaxing after a day of swimming.

But there’s much more to Bávaro than what meets the eye. Vendors, shopping venues, and golf courses are dotted along the island, providing sporting opportunities and unique shopping experiences for travelers looking to bring a piece of Bávaro home. Mesmerizing beach locales also rest nearby, each with their unique charm and memorable qualities.

 Here are our top three beach destinations to visit while in Bávaro:

Roco Ki 

Roco KI near Bávaro

Uvero Alto

Uvero Alto near Bávaro

Barceló Bávaro Beach (an all-inclusive resort for adults set on Bávaro Beach)

barcelo bavaro beach