Beach Water, Air, and Wellness: 5 Fascinating Health Benefits You Should Know

Health Benefits of the Beach and The Ocean

When you think of a trip to the beach, you most likely envision a day of fun and relaxation, complete with gently crashing waves, crystal-clear waters, and sunsets painted by perfection – especially if that beach trip is in the Carribean.

What may not come to mind is the positive impact that time at the beach can have on your body and brain. These 5 health findings can help to make your day at the beach even better.

The water at the beach breaks up congestion. Don’t let a stuffy nose keep you out of the water. Salt water helps to break up mucous and clean the nasal cavities, making ocean water a wonderful, and effective, natural remedy to provide relief from sinus infections and the uncomfortable pressure of congestion.

Inhaling ocean air has positive effects on the lungs. Breathe deep and enjoy it. A study shared by the Lung Institute revealed that inhaling ocean air helped to clear the lungs and improve the way the lungs functioned in patients that suffered from lung disease and other respiratory issues.

The beach and beach-related activities can improve your mental state. Beachgoers are less stressed. Various studies has attributed this to the elements in the air that trigger the “happy responses” in our brain.  This knowledge, combined with the well-known abilities of exercise to positively impact the brain, makes the beach a delightful destination to ease anxiety and to swim your stresses away.

Beach water can speed up the healing process of wounds. The salt in the water disinfects cuts and open sores. It is a strong detoxifier for the skin, reducing the risk of infection and prolonged healing. Don’t let that initial stinging sensation deter you. It will quickly pass and the results will be well worth it.

The beach can improve your physical abilities and help you to get in better shape. We all know we should exercise, so what better way to kick off your fitness journey than at the beach? You could jog along along the shore or ride bikes while breathing in the fresh ocean air, and you can also make use of swimming. The movement of the water adds further resistance your swim, which already provides the cardio. In summary, the more you swim, the more calories you will burn and the more muscle definition you will gain due to the natural resistance of the water that resembles weight training.