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Beauty Expert Explains Winter Weight Gain, How Snow Bombs Make It Tough to Avoid, and Solutions for Beating It

LAS VEGASFeb. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Only shortly removed from January 1st, many are finding it harder than ever to commit to a healthy lifestyle. Unseasonably cold winter weather, is only further contributing to fatigue, apathy and a desire to indulge.

“Winter’s short days and long nights exacerbate fatigue since daylight signals when we should be awake and asleep,” says Brianna Michelle, Founder of Brianna Michelle Beauty. “So, if hitting the gym in the dark is difficult, know there’s a biological reason. Listen to your body – if you’re miserably tired, set a sunrise alarm and work out during lunch. It will boost your mood, energy, and circulation – all of which do wonders for your complexion.”

A lack of energy is not the only symptom of dark days. With fatigue comes cravings for comfort foods and a less interest in usual hobbies. Harsh winter weather discourages socialization intensifying depressive moods many experience during winter.

Brianna offers 5 ways to stay healthy and happy this season.

-Eat a healthy diet. Avoid foods high in carbs and sugar that spike blood sugar and then cause sluggishness. For an on-the-go pick-me-up, reach for a vitamin like Vitafusion Everyday Energy containing caffeine and B vitamins that convert food into energy.

-Exercise regularly. Another reason to keep hitting the gym, is that exercise increases the immune system; ward against what many are predicting to be the worst flu season in recent years.

A male wearing a spring jacket, running along the side of the road in Brasilia

-Try sunlight therapy. An afternoon stroll or a desk-side Happy Light provide Vitamin D which helps to adjust back to a normal sleep-wake schedule.

-Get some sleep. Beauty sleep isn’t a myth – it’s restorative for mind, body and beauty. Skipping it causes moodiness, focus issues, and can wreak havoc on your appearance. For help falling asleep, try and over-the-counter melatonin gummy vitamin like Vitafusion Beauty Sleep.

-Socialize. As hard as this is between snow bombs in the north and hail in the south, make the effort. Spending time with friends and family improves mood and helps ensure enjoyable hobbies are continued throughout the season.

“With a little extra effort and an appreciation for the symptoms of the season, we can ensure our mind and body thrive this winter,” adds Brianna.

SOURCE Brianna Michelle Beauty