Blissful Balance: Harmony Hill


Forty years ago, a young man looked out upon the lush green hills of Jamaica, completely taken with the beauty surrounding him. Visiting from Toronto with his sweetheart and her Jamaican-born parents, he vowed to return someday, perhaps to retire. Fast forward several decades, and the fairy tale continues. Not in a book, nor on film, but in reality. That young man, Mark Kovinsky, and his then sweetheart, Paula, have now been together ever since that exceptional day, building a life that has graciously embraced friends, family, and a warm, wonderful island. Located approximately twelve miles West of Montego Bay on Jamaica’s North Coast, Harmony Hill is the manifestation of that vow. Perched on a hill above the rolling expanse of Tryall Club’s world-renowned golf course, Harmony Hill is the perfect retreat.


Designed to ensure optimum relaxation, privacy and entertainment, Harmony Hill is a private luxury villa offering the finest in Caribbean living. Dramatically located 350 feet above sea level, this Premier Villa offers spectacular views of lush tropical gardens and the expansive Caribbean Sea; its design combining traditional Jamaican architecture with world-class amenities and service, creating a villa that is the embodiment of luxury living.

From beautiful flower arrangements and exceptionally tended grounds, to sparkling china and divine linens bearing the Harmony Hill monogram, no detail goes wanting for Harmony Hill’s discerning guests. Each of the seven suites owns a glorious view, enhanced by private spaces that frame the beauty of the landscape.


A stunning infinity-edge pool offers the ultimate view from the villa, looking out onto the ocean from a perfect perch. The villa also boasts its own state-of-the-art gym, intended for serious workouts but convenient for working off the indulgent cuisine prepared in-house by Chef Lennox. Quietly creating remarkable feasts, Chef Lennox delivers artfully presented fare, from small bites to elegant entrees, and puts the exclamation point on it all with exquisite sweets.


When the time was right, dreams were captured on paper. Mark worked endlessly to perfect architectural details, synchronizing his and Paula’s ideals with the flavor of Jamaica. When the couple found seven acres of heaven on the northwest coast of the island, their vision was transferred from paper to wood, stone, and glass.

In 2009, Mark set about construction of this exquisite plan. With close friend and project manager John Kearney by his side, Mark saw to the framework while Paula engaged her elegant sense of interiors, designing chic living spaces, indoors and out. Not content to simply build a luxurious villa, the Kovinskys insisted on creating something no physical materials could provide. The villa must feel like home, they insisted. Not just for them, but for every foot that touches the ground at Harmony Hill, be it friend, family, staff, or treasured guest.

Seamlessly merging their own brand of hospitality with the villa’s wonderful gardens, fruit trees, nature trail, and carpet-soft lawn, the property soon earned the respect of born-and-bred Jamaicans as well as every guest privileged to enjoy a Harmony Hill stay. Seven years in, engaged in the big picture of managing this luxurious 15,000 square foot property, Paula revealed the secret to their busy calendar of bookings from enthusiastic guests, returning year after year to this gracious retreat.

“We make it feel like home,” Paula stated simply. The welcoming, thoughtful style that envelops each guest remains the hallmark of a Harmony Hill stay.

Dovetailing tasks with synergy, Paula and Mark, supported by the respect and devotion of their staff of eleven, achieve an exceptional level of comfort by providing meticulous, intuitive service for guests. Ahead of each arrival, Paula initiates dialogue with guests, discovering the inspiration for their trip along with any special events or circumstances that might provide an opportunity to make the stay more memorable through personalized service.


Working to complement each other’s tasks, the Harmony Hill staff provides a tasteful element of surprise for guest mileposts, careful to show appreciation and recognize significance, while maintaining a low profile. A team of four meticulously manicures the grounds. Head of House, Courtney Virgo, maintains all with impeccable service, greeting guests with his iconic Harmony Hill Sangria. Housekeeping perfection, performed by Sofia, Gwen, and Erica, sees guests presented with fresh, fragrant towels and daily laundry services. The result is a family of staff providing services for a family of guests that feel welcome, and very much at home.

The Kovinsky’s enthusiasm for Jamaica, its people, and the villa exudes heartfelt joy. Paula acts as concierge, graciously and quietly sharing her extensive expertise. Whether engaging a saxophonist to set the tone during cocktails, inviting a curated list of local artisans to display wares for private shopping, or directing a special confection to recognize a birthday, she flawlessly attends to each detail.


Designed with a main house of five gorgeous suites and a cottage with two, the property is perfect for large, diverse groups. From relaxing on the Dune day beds around the large pool deck, to strolling the grounds with sweet sounds of reggae music in the air, or active pursuit of watersports, tennis, and golf, Harmony Hill offers a complete exhale.

Harmony Hill guests could choose any one of thousands of villas for a leisure escape and be blissfully happy. They choose Harmony Hill, however, for a privileged island experience that invites casual luxury in the comfort of a villa that feels like home. Mark and Paula guarantee it.

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