Native Union x Maison Kitsuné

Native Union x Maison Kitsuné

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Every collaboration is, in some way, an opportunity to discover a different face of our own brand. Partnering with another brand and finding synergies in our communities and brand personalities make us explore paths we might not have found on our own.

Paris meets Tokyo

This Paris-meets-Tokyo brand certainly has a unique savoir-faire with hands in fashion, electro music, and cafés around the world. Known for collections mixing classic staples with a daring mix of colors and prints, Maison Kitsuné leads a loyal fanbase worldwide for its distinct charm.

While it’s a first for the brand, an introduction of tech accessories into their lineup doesn’t come as a big surprise for a brand as eclectic in its offering. After all, tech is becoming more and more a non-negotiable part of our day-to-day –  so why not make it another avenue for self-expression, like fashion?

We pushed tech solutions to become modern essentials that you can not only depend on day-to-day.

Maison Kitsuné

Our creative teams

From the actual designs and colorway, to how our Creative teams crafted the campaigns’ visual identity, our collaboration with Maison Kitsuné took us in a direction new and somewhat unexpected from a brand like ours – and we’re enjoying the journey!

For those who’ve been a part of our community for a while, it’s pretty easy to see our signature solutions mirrored in this collection. Partnering with a multi-faceted brand with such a distinct look, we wanted to create something that reflects both their uniquely contemporary style and our minimal forms.

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The iconic fox head

The finished collection is a focused but comprehensive range of essentials spanning effortless wireless charging, on-the-go power, and everyday carry and protection. We’ve reimagined some of our most-loved products in striking colors and the iconic Maison Kitsuné ‘Fox Head’ logo. Though not quite as understated as our usual creations, it’s a blend of both our brands’ aesthetics that’s bold and playful, but still simple enough to be immune to fleeting trends more common in fashion.

With a shared passion for quality and an eye for detail, the capsule is complete with considered features like Belt Cables’ genuine suede leather embossed with Maison Kitsuné’s logo, Drop Wireless Chargers’ complementary zebra charging cable, or Jump+ Wireless Powerbanks’ subtle stone-finish texture.

Maison Kitsuné

The more we become attached to our tech on the daily, the more it makes sense to start injecting some of your own personality and style into it. Why let yourself be defined by uninspiring plastic solutions when you can have more fun with it? That’s how we approached our latest collection with Maison Kitsuné, but also use to add bold and playful character to your most-used products.