Brazilian Inspired Fitness

Brazilian Inspired Fitness

Soccer. Samba. Capoeira. Carnaval. These are all quintessentially Brazilian. But there is one more image that immediately conjures daydreams about South America’s largest country: exceptionally fit bodies on the beach. In particular, there is one, um, asset that Brazilians are praised for and that is their ridiculously toned and shapely bundas (Portuguese for “booty)”. The bottom line is, dental floss bikinis on Ipanema beach just aren’t as mesmerizing without the right of amount of lift, perk and curve that most Brazilians have been naturally blessed with. Great genes aside, they also spend a good deal of time kicking a ball around, dancing and practicing their native brand of martial arts, all of which also contribute to a remarkably well-shaped derriere. Luckily for you, a trip to the Southern Hemisphere isn’t necessary to achieve that coveted perfectly round bum. Try these samba, soccer and capoeira insired workouts and you’ll be fit to strut your stuff in your tiniest swimwear bottoms with the best of them. And as added bonus, these can be done in the privacy of your own home.


If you love to dance, this is the workout for you. Carioca Choreographer Quenia Ribeiro has made quite a name for herself with her Samba fitness DVDs. Great for beginners, Quenia gives you a workout while teaching you a few dance steps that might come in handy on a night when you’ve had one too many caipirinhas. There are several variations, including a reggae/samba hybrid. The quick, arabesque footwork of Samba no pé (samba on the feet) does wonders to strengthen hip and thigh muscles, as well as building endurance. You’ll have a whole new appreciation for all those beautiful women at Carnaval who dance for hours in heels with a smile always plastered across their faces.

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For our sporting enthusiasts, Cuerpaso combines common exercise techniques with the fancy-footed techniques of soccer and Latin Dance. Created by Tadeo Arnold, a celebrity fitness trainer, the word “cuerpaso” translates in Portuguese and Spanish to “great body” and that is precisely what he intends you to have after a few weeks of faithfully following his videos. The workout is fun and the exercise demo models are not precision perfect, so you won’t feel too bad if you can’t keep up in the beginning. And besides that, Tadeo claims that the Cuerpaso workout will cause you to sleep more soundly and have better sex. Sign us up!



Ok, we’ll admit – the Brazil Butt Lift DVD won’t actually teach you capoeira, so if you are a martial arts devotee, and was hoping to learn this martial arts form developed centuries ago by enslaved Africans in Brazil, you might be disappointed. However, this workout craze, developed by native Brazilian and former dancer Leandro Carvalho, makes effective use of some of capoeira’s core techniques that sculpt, lift and define those heavenly glutes. Low squats, kicks and fluid movements send all the gluteal muscles into overdrive, and Carvalho delivers so much more in his workout. No wonder YouTube is littered with a million different versions of this amazing exercise routine! In case you’re looking for something a little more traditional, we suggest finding a class near you. We hear Crunch Fitness has a great one.

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