Catalonia Royal Tulum Awarded First Green Globe Certification

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LOS ANGELES, California – Catalonia Royal Tulum is a five-star all-inclusive adults only resort located in Xpu-Ha in the Riviera Maya in Mexico. Native jungle trees, lush vegetation, mangroves and cenotes (water springs that are home to a diverse variety of flora and fauna) surround the hotel.

Green Globe congratulates Catalonia Royal Tulum on its inaugural certification and achieving a high compliance score of 81%.

L.T. Yuri Peralta Alicia Alvarez, the Coordinator of Health and Environment at the resort said, “I’ve been working in Catalonia Royal Tulum for 8 years as a Health and Environment Coordinator. I’m responsible for planning, organizing and directing the different ecological activities taking place at the Resort.

“The work done in conjunction with the Green Team has successfully led to us obtaining environmental certification from Green Globe and others.”

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Catalonia Royal Tulum has been implementing good environmental practices since October 8, 2009 when the resort’s Green Team was first formed. The Team aims to work on an environmental policy based on reducing energy consumption, the reduction of solid and hazardous waste as well as the use of eco-friendly products. Since the creation of the Green Team, Green Meetings are held every two months where new ideas are presented, information to be provided to guests is updated, tasks are assigned to each department and new activities involving guests and staff are planned.

Catalonia Royal Tulum is actively involved in various community programs. The hotel sponsors a kindergarten by donating books and providing maintenance of general facilities. While school supplies are donated to children in Mayan communities surrounding the resort. Toys are also donated to children in Mayan communities.

In addition, since 2013, as part of their environmental initiatives, staff have created an Eco-Christmas tree out of reusable materials that is displayed in the hotel lobby where guests can enjoy it and learn about the materials which it is composed of.

Catalonia Hotels&Resorts Mexico developed the idea to create a mascot named “Yaaxi” (meaning Green Turtle) to represent Green Teams at its resorts. Yaaxi promotes events, disseminates information and encourages employees and guests to participate in environmental activities.

“The planet can live without us. But we cannot live without the planet,” concluded Ms. Alvarez.

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