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Fresh Açai Age Delay Body Cream and Sugar Scrub

Three Outstanding Açai Beauty Products

Written by Tuere Randall, as seen in Ocean Splash Magazine. Eminence Firm Skin Açai Booster-Serum   Touted for its ability to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, while boosting skin firmness and protecting against free radical damage, this serum is beloved by buyers for its nice but mild scent, results they can see and feel and the…

Gabrielle Reece

You Can Call Her Gabby. Gabrielle Reece is a quintessential balance of Caribbean chill and tenacity. The incredibly gifted and accomplished superstar athlete and model has moved her field of endeavor from the volleyball courts and runways to prime time television and online with the same incredible results…..all while betraying her age with a body…

Waxing 101 – An Interview With Noemie Grupenmager

Waxing 101 – A Beauty Waxing Tips Interview With Noemie Grupenmager Summer is officially here in the Northern Hemisphere, which also means that many of us will spend a lot more time getting de-fuzzed so that we can look good in the season’s hottest swimwear. We caught up to hair removal expert Noemi Grupenmager, CEO…


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