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One Super Simple Tip to Help You Massively Save On Your Eyeglasses Purchase!

Time to replace your eyeglasses? If you have been down that road before, you know it isn’t going to be an inexpensive affair. The average American spends almost $300 to replace his or her eyeglasses. $300 can be a sizable amount of money, especially if you weren’t prepare to spend on new eyeglasses, like when…

Awaken: Meditation for Breaking Free From Social Programming

NEW YORK — Awaken Meditation has launched an iPhone app, available for download on the iOS store that combines mindfulness practice, social contemplation, and journaling. The company, started by entrepreneur Ravi Mishra and artist Susan Stainman (both meditation teachers as well), is in the midst of a successful Kickstarter campaign, offering discounted memberships to raise the final funds for a fully featured app…


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