Cedella Marley Discusses The One Love Music Festival

Cedella Marley - One Love Music Festival
Cedella Marley is the daughter of Bob Marley, the CEO of Tuff Gong, and the Creative Director of the One Love Music Festival. The festival is a fundraising event happening over the course of two days to celebrate Bob Marley’s legacy and support charities through the Bob Marley Foundation in partnership with the Rollins Foundation and Sandals Foundation.

On February 4, 2016, the One Love Charity Gala was hosted on the Lawns of Rose Hall Great House and the One Love Charity Concert will take place tonight at the Rose Hall Aqueduct. The sensational acts set to perform are known worldwide, and includes Akon, Nico & Vinz, Kymani Marley, Morgan Heritage, Tessanne Chin, Skip Marley, Nadine Sutherland, Jesse Royal, NoMaddz, Tanto Metro & Devonte, Iba Mahr, Kranium, CK, Devin Di Dakta, Ikaya, D’Burnz, Sabrina the Diva, Teflon, and Ruff Kut band; with hosts Iceman and ZJ Sparks.

As this highly anticipated event moves forward, Cedella, who is both inspirational and full of positivity, took the time to chat with Ocean Style about the fundraiser and family.

What is the message you hope to instill through this fundraiser and One Love fundraisers in the future?
The Bob Marley Foundation and Rita Marley Foundation are working hard to bring education and resources to our communities in Jamaica and beyond.

What are the ways in which the One Love fundraiser seeks to empower communities in Jamaica?
We want to continue our work in early education through developing programs that assist with reading, writing and more. We hope to expand programs that teach sustainable living as well.

How did you come to be involved with international artists Akon and Nico and Vinz?
Many of the artists have worked with my brothers or we have met at other events.

Akon is known for being a very socially conscious entrepreneur, in addition to being a highly acclaimed performing artist. How did he respond to being tapped to headline this lineup?
Akon is an amazing artist and friend who cares deeply about Jamaica and happens to be a big fan of both my Father and family’s music. So we didn’t have to twist his arm ;). The One Love Music Festival 2016

You have a pretty balanced blend of veteran and contemporary Jamaican artists slated to play at the concert, what do you think your father would say about contemporary music in Jamaica, particularly dance hall?
I think he would respect it and understand its place in our community but I am not sure it would be his favorite.

You’re partnering with the Rollins Foundation and the Sandals Foundation on this Festival. Are there particular projects of theirs that you admire?
I am honored to work with partners who share our same goals.  Both the Rollins and Sandals Foundation have done so much work for Jamaica that I hope we can come together and make a larger impact.

Are there any special songs you can’t wait to hear during the live performances?
I will be so happy to see my son Skip playing his songs ‘Cry To Me’ and ‘Life’ on the stage!

Along with your father, what are some of the things and who are some of the people that keep you inspired as you work so hard to raise awareness and help others?
My family is my first and foremost inspiration in anything I do. My love for them makes me love the world in a much brighter light.

As a supporter of sustainable practices and eco-inspired projects, how well do you think these ideas are being embraced overall in Jamaica?
I hear of many projects happening all over the island to build more sustainable practices in farming and energy. Like anywhere in the world, we can always do better so hopefully we can do it together!

Along with the fundraiser, what are other ways that people can get involved to show support?
We are launching the WHOA campaign online this week where you can donate to the cause and receive some fun gifts from my family and from Sandals…Oh yeah, and a new version of ‘Could You Be Loved’ by me!