Channel Your Inner Olympian with These Handcrafted Shoes

PHILOMATH, Ore.Feb. 2, 2018 / — The Winter Olympics are right around the corner and one handcrafted shoe company in Oregon is joining in on the fun. Softstar Shoes has recently released a Limited Edition Olympics shoe to bring out the inner champion in us all. Complete with shiny red, white, and blue leathers and bold star inlays, the company’s minimal shoes promote movement, foot health, and fun to empower everyday Olympians.

The colorful shoes are a special edition of the company’s popular Dash RunAmoc style, featuring flexible Vibram soles and full grain leather sourced from ecologically responsible tanneries. Whether you are trying your hand at Competitive Snowman Building or Speed Knitting, these patriotic shoes are sure to lead you to victory.

Are Competitive Snowman Building and Speed Knitting real Olympic sports, you ask? The answer is no, but wouldn’t it be fun if they were? In addition to the Limited Edition shoes, Softstar is also launching a Winter Olympics Giveaway for creative fans of all ages.


Here’s how it works: Entrants submit one suggestion for a sport that is not currently included in the Winter Olympics (real or imaginary) and the Softstar team will randomly select one winner of a $25 Softstar gift card each day of the Olympics, from February 9 to 25.

At the end of the event, they will award a Grand Prize $500 Softstar gift card to the person who submits their favorite winter sport suggestion. Entries for the company’s similar Summer Olympics Giveaway in 2016 included High Heeled Running, Underwater Basket Weaving, Ultimate Frisbee, and Team Jump Rope. Entries may be submitted on the Softstar website and one entry is allowed per email address. Submit your most creative idea and go for the gold!

About Softstar Shoes:

Softstar has been designing and handcrafting minimal footwear since 1985. With an emphasis on high-quality, flexible materials that allow for free and natural movement, the company offers a range of styles for kids, youth and adults. All shoes are handmade in-house from responsibly sourced materials, have a “barefoot” feel, zero-drop soles, and encourage healthy toe splay and strong feet. Softstar ships worldwide from its workshop in Philomath, Oregon.

SOURCE Softstar Shoes