Christian Louboutin Enters Beauty Market

Everyone loves the click-clack heels of Christian Louboutin shoes. The iconic red hued soles and sexy styles have drawn women from around the globe to the uber popular shoes. And now the design house will venture into a new product category, cosmetics. The newly formed company Christian Louboutin Beauté plans to launch multiple, unspecified classifications, with the first products slated to hit in the market in late 2013 worldwide. When asked what product categories he would pursue, Louboutin was very hush hush: “Very constructed, quite different and unexpected.

The company plans to partner with Batallure Beauty LLC to get the beauty company going. And where did he get his inspiration? Nefertiti -, whose painted limestone bust is housed at the Neues Museum in Berlin. “It’s the most beautiful thing. I stayed like an hour just looking at the bust,” he exclaimed. “It’s a perfect beauty and the makeup is quite perfect.”

With Louboutin always talking the “detail-oriented” approach to his shoes, bridging over to cosmetics is no fuss for him. “Beauty products also have to do with empowering women,” he said. “That’s very much the job of the shoes I’m designing.”

He added that the beauty venture “has to mirror the quality of the shoes, of the bags, of all the DNA of the brand.”

In the category of shoes, Louboutin has achieved much success throughout the years. Women everywhere can recognize a Louboutin from a mile away, and entering into the beauty sector will create more opportunities for women to showcase the sexiness of the brand.

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