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June 1, 2o13

I am like, the worst tweeter (is that even a thing?!) ever, but I will be blogging and tweeting live from Coast tomorrow … follow me @socialitetweets and I’ll post photos of my favorite collections at some point tomorrow.

Gotta love Miami!

June 2, 2013
I was so impressed by the designers at Coast this year! Not only was it full of great designers (all of the best to be featured later, but in the meantime: Nouvelle Restort, Rose Gonzales, puravida bracelets, Veronica Burgueno, and Lauren Mester were some of my favorites) but they were all so socially and environmentally conscious. These labels put out great fashion and give back to the community. So awesome to see!

To celebrate my move to Miami, and my forever-search for intellectually and artistically stimulating events here, please visit OMMiami :-). To thank you, I am giving away an adorable friendship bracelet from Amorium handmade jewelry (located right on Biscayne). Details on the site.