Coffee Shop: Aaron Sutherland

Aaron Sutherland is a certified world traveler. His specialty? Premium luxury travel. We caught up with him recently to learn about his discerning tastes, hear about his experiences in the Caribbean and to find out which item is a “must-have” if you’re looking to become a bona fide globetrotter. Check out his site,, where you can read reviews on everything in the world of premium luxury from high-end automobiles, to masterfully crafted timepieces, to exquisite dining and spa experiences. We love to see a young Caribbean brother making his mark in the world.


So you have a website that features the posh lifestyle of a Jetsetter. How did you become introduced to the world of luxe living?
I have always had a love for the finer things in life. I would naturally be drawn to the most expensive pieces whenever I went shopping.

Did you always have a penchant for the finer things, or was it something that developed along the way?
Yes I did and as I got older I noticed that my tastes grew more exclusive. If it was opulent I was going to have it!

You have quite a few posts about Dubai. What was your impression of Dubai the first time you visited?
Dubai was life changing! I was introduced to a world of unparalleled luxury- to them that is just a typical day. My first impression… I asked myself “Are we really in a recession?” The lifestyle lived in the Middle East inspired me to take my brand to higher heights.

We met up recently and you had glowing things to say about Barbados. What intrigued you about this particular Caribbean island?
The hospitality. Barbados took really great care of me as ‘The Jetsetter’. Though I went as a speaker for an event, the people were so warm, open, kind and down to earth. Barbados left a lasting impression on me; going back is definitely in my plans.

If I were planning a trip to Barbados, name one place or experience that you would say is a “must-do”?
If a Jetsetter is heading over to Barbados, it is imperative that they visit and stay at Sandy Lane. Dining Preference? The Spa Café which is steps from the pool and cascading lux waterfall. It indeed harbors pure relaxation.

What’s the next trip you have planned?

Where’s one place you’ve not been that’s calling your name?

You obviously move around a bit. What’s the perfect phone for a globe trotter like yourself?
The perfect phone for a Jetsetter would be the 64gig iPhone 4s. With thousands of app options from maps to translation, you can’t go wrong with a world phone like the iPhone.

In addition to travel, you review spas and luxury watches and automobiles. What’s your dream car?
My dream car is a V12 Aston Martin Vantage.

A man who travels to such chic destinations must know a thing or two about style. Which designers do you like for menswear?
For menswear, I really like the custom JSL pieces that are tailored to fit my body and style. I also like pieces by Tom Ford, Bottega V eneta and Salvatore Ferragamo.

What’s the one thing that you must have that takes your in-flight experience to another level?
My iPad. It’s important to have all of my entertainment/applications at hand to ensure my trip is comfortable. To add to that, noise-cancelling headphones are an absolute must, especially when flying commercial.

Which is the best airline that you’ve flown?
My favorite commercial airline is Delta.

I’d imagine that you’ve tasted a lot of different cuisines. If you could give a Jetsetter Lifestyle “Foodie” award to any of the countries you’ve visited, which one would it be?
The high tea at The Burj Al Arab (The World’s most luxurious hotel) in Dubai would get the JSL Foodie award because of the 7 course lunch meal. The Atlantis brunch at Saffron was outstanding as well. This can be a tough question. Nevertheless, the Middle Eastern cuisine is outstanding.

Traveling can be fun, but exhausting — how do you unwind and catch your breath?
I have a ritual after long flights. If in a city for a major meeting, I tend to fly in the night before, do some light working out and take a long hot bath. Generally, I turn my phone, Television, radio, computer off and realign my mind and thoughts.

London or Paris?
Paris, of course.

Scotch or Cognac?
Both. Champagne and Wines are great, but Scotch compliments my suits (laughs).

Dom Perignon or Cristal?
Dom Perignon, whether today or in 20 years.

What was the last occasion that you made a toast to celebrate something in your life?
When I turned 25 and virtually launched Jetsetter Lifestyle, we toasted The Quarter Century of my life and to the launch of my new brand.

What were you doing before you started this website?
Before Jetsetter Lifestyle launched virtually, I was traveling for fun and using other popular social networking sites to portray the ‘Jetsetter Lifestyle’.

What’s next on the horizon for you and the JSL brand?
Jetsetter Lifestyle has 1st class initiatives that will be revealed very soon. As the brand continues to grow, we will showcase the many facets that have been outlined in our plans.

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