Coffee Shop: Ion Overman

In this edition of Coffee Shop, we talk to lovely actress Ion Overman about what it’s like to play the bad girl, her idea of red carpet elegance and the one that she’ll always stay true to… perfume, that is…

Ocean Splash: You have a great name! Is there a story behind it?

My parents were hippies! They gave a party and covered the walls with paper. All their friends came over and wrote names on the walls, and Ion is the one that won.

OS: You started off in the entertainment industry pretty early as a toddler in commercials and returned to it as a young adult. What do you love most about an actress?
It keeps me connected to my soul and my spirit in a remarkable way. If I keep myself grounded, then once I’m finished being someone else, I know exactly where to come back to.

OS: Many of our readers might remember you from Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail. You played a beautiful, but corrupt lawyer who was out to get the protagonist. Do you enjoy playing “the villain”?
I LOVE playing the villain. Villains are so interesting because they don’t think they’re villains.

OS: You’ve worked a lot in TV appearing on Desperate Housewives and recently on NCIS. Do you prefer TV or the silver screen?
I just love to work. But often there is more opportunity for deeper character development in film.

OS: If you could star in a biopic about anyone’s life (past or present), whom would you most want to portray?
I would very much like to tell the story of Sojourner Truth. My beliefs mirror hers.

OS: Which designer’s dresses do you think exemplifies red carpet glamour?
Chanel, Elie Saab, Tom Ford, Valentino, Marchesa are some that come to mind .

OS: Which perfume makes you the most feminine and sensual?
Chanel Mademoiselle is all I wear, it’s all I want, it’s all there is.

OS: If you could only choose one, which would it be… lipstick or mascara?

OS: If money were no object and you could have any entertainer (singer, band or DJ) play for your next birthday bash, who would you want there? Elton John, Fergie, Michael Buble, Rihanna, aaaand Justin Timberlake

OS: If your life had a theme song what would it be?
” The Best Is Yet To Come “

OS: Which celebrity comes to mind when you think of the words “Girl Power”?
Gwen Stefani

OS: Do you cook? If so, what do you think is your best dish to prepare?
I love to cook. I make a mean stuffed eggplant.

OS: Which do you prefer, Italian or Thai food?

OS: If you could eat one food in excess-without gaining a pound, what would it be?
Bakery treats

OS: What’s your favorite restaurant? Where is it? And what kind of cuisine do they serve?
Bottega Louie. They serve sort of Italian California chic

OS: Have you been to the Caribbean before?

OS: Where?
St. Vincent

OS: Outside of the Caribbean, name one place that you haven’t been that you’re longing to visit.

OS: Favorite way to stay in shape?
I like the structure of a class like Pilates.

OS: What’s your most recent splurge?
A white Yves St. Laurent type tuxedo

OS: What’s on the horizon for you? Where should our readers look for you next?
An indie film called “Tunnel Vision” out later this year

OS: If you could have any other career what would it be?
I would definitely work at a fashion magazine.

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