Coffeeshop with Nicole Lyn

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For this edition of Coffee Shop, we caught up with the insanely beautiful Nicole Lyn, a/k/a Miss Nix, and quintessential DJ and spin goddess! Formerly the star of the Canadian teen TV series Student Bodies, you may have also seen Nicole make guest appearances in My Secret Identity, The West Wing, Half & Half and Psych to name a few. And perhaps you also remember her bewitching Jamaican lilt in the silver screen hit Deliver Us From Eva. We’ll talk Ontario eateries, beach snobbery and dream rom-com co-stars, among other things.

Nicole will be joining us for the OCEAN Style FashionShowcase Weekend for the first time this year and we can’t wait to meet her in person!

We’re very excited to have you as a guest at Fashion Showcase Weekend. How did you first hear about our event?

Friends who have participated in the past have always had a great time. I’ve known of the event for a few years now, mainly through all the positive word of mouth.

I read that both your parents are Jamaican. When was the last time you came down to visit and how often do you come?

I visit often, usually at least twice a year. I wasn’t born here, but have always considered Jamaica as much home as anywhere else I feel attached to. I also attended high school in Mandeville, so I lived here during a very impressionable time in my life.

What’s the one thing you must do or place you must visit when you’re in Jamaica?

I’m a beach snob, and not ashamed of it. What’s available to me at home in the states – even Miami – just doesn’t cut it once you’ve been spoiled by Jamaica. 7 Mile Beach, Frenchman’s Cove, Reggae Beach, and Doctor’s Cave are my favorites. For something super chill and off the beaten path, I go to Idler’s Rest in Black River.

In addition to being a guest, you’re also deejaying one of our parties. Which came first, acting or spinning the tunes?

I started acting when I was seven years old. Deejaying was an unexpected, happy accident as far as a career path.


Deejaying is still a predominantly male industry. What drew you to it?

It was never an ambition to pursue deejaying. It was a hobby that just took on a life of it’s own, really. Being female in this industry and culture was never a drawback for me, I think in part because when I started, I was simply doing it for the love and creative outlet it afforded me. 

When you’re not playing a set for a party, what kind of music do you listen to?

Literally, everything. Whatever I can get my hands on. Music genres are blurring and expanding now anyway, which I think is a really beautiful thing. When I’m in the mood for something familiar and feel good, it’s usually anything ‘90s!

What song is on repeat in your playlist these days?

I’m obsessed with The Internet’s album Ego Death. Also loving Gallant’s track Weight In Gold. Vince Staple’s Summertime ’06, Bryson Tiller’s TRAPSOUL and a lot of classic hip-hop instrumentals are also in heavy rotation.

If you could have any artist play at your next big birthday bash, who would it be?

Dead or alive? Bob Marley. If I’m limited to more “realistic” options…Prince.

So you’re from Ontario. What are some great places in Toronto that you would recommend to our readers looking for great Caribbean cuisine?

Rasta Pasta in Kensington is good.

Speaking of which, what’s your favorite Jamaican dish?

All of them, except mannish water.

Since we’re thinking of Canada, one of the items on many a Caribbean culture lovers bucket list is to go to Carnival in Toronto. Have you ever played Mas at Caribana?

I grew up going to the parade every summer, but I’ve actually never played mas at Caribana, only in Jamaica carnival.

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Complete segue but… you’re gorgeous! Let’s talk beauty. If you were forced to leave the house and could only choose one, which would you choose – mascara or lipstick?

Mascara. Lipstick can be hit or miss on an otherwise bare face. And the eyes say it all, as they say.

Moet or Veuve Clicquot?

Err..I’d fail a blind taste test every time. Don’t judge me!

Prince or Michael Jackson?

Impossible choice. 

Winter or Summer?

Always and forever Summer.

Straight or curly?

Today, I’m saying curly. 

Brazil or Thailand?

Another tough one. Gonna go with Brazil. 

If you could star in the remake of any film, who would be your dream character to play?

Sally Bowles in Cabaret. 

And if you were starring in a rom-com and could cast your own leading man, who would you choose?

Kevin Hart is as fun and funny as they come. Who wouldn’t want to go to work and laugh their butt off all day every day? 

What’s on the horizon for you? Where should our readers look for you next?

Sometimes I don’t even know where to look for me! Things move so fast, but I try to let people know what I’m up to and where to catch me on my site, or via social media, @ms_nix. 


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