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DJ, Kevin Crown Signs Deal With New York’s Fiction’s Nightclub For Residency

club killa(New York, NY) – Monday, August 20, 2014 – 2014 has proven to be the most successful year thus far for DJ Kevin Crown. The young DJ also known as the Natural Born Club Killa kicked off 2014 as ahonoree for the Young Gifted and Black Entrepreneurial Awards, taking home “DJ of the Year”. HeHe gladly accepted his award stating; “with all the road blocks and obstacles I have facedthroughout my career, it is good to know my talent was able to shine through”

Kevin’s mom surprised the Club Killa by appearing in his presentation video, she thanked God forblessing her with such a wonderful and talented son. Not only was it an emotional video, but it alsoconfirmed for many why he was being given such a wonderful honor.

Kevin has always impressed any audience he has entertained, but you know he must be something special if a NYC DJ has been asked to frequent Jamaica’s newest popular hot spot Fiction Fantasyon a monthly basis. No other DJ has been able to accomplish what Kevin has done in less than ayear. His goals are a little different from the average DJ, his vision for his career speaks volumes to why he works so hard and manage to stay in demand.

Fiction’s owner David “Squeeze” Annakie said it best when asked, Why Kevin Crown, “Kevin is not just a DJ, he is an entertainer. He gets into your social adrenaline and raises it to another level.No other DJ I have come across has been able to do what he does”.That’s not all for this talented human being, making his acting debut this year in the highly anticipated movie “Jamaican Mafia” you will see Kevin Crown on the big screen playing a member of the mafia clan called “Kat”. The director and producer of the movie can’t stop singing Kevin’s praises as they watched him bring his character to life. The movie premieres in NYC August 27th and we can’t wait to see what the Club Killa in action.

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