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Emmy®-Nominated Actress Felicity Huffman Discusses How ‘Being Human Takes Guts’

Renew Life® Probiotics convenes panel discussion on powering one’s potential and achieving balance; announces $100,000 commitment to fund gut health research

NEW YORK — Critically acclaimed actress Felicity Huffman has a lot to talk about these days. She and her husband, William H. Macy, are both nominated for Emmy Awards this weekend for their roles in American Crime and Shameless respectively. Her teenage daughters are back at school. And, she’s constantly curating new stories to feature on her “What’s the Flicka?” lifestyle site. Yet, she took time out of her busy, glamorous schedule to talk about a somewhat unglamorous, but important topic – gut health.

“I know, ‘gut’ can be such an icky word, but it doesn’t have to be,” said Huffman. “The gut can actually be the source of your potential. I can honestly say that I attribute much of my success as a wife, mom, and actress to my gut, more specifically, my gut health.”

Today, Huffman joined a panel of women, including Ellie Krieger, RDN, a NY Times best-selling cookbook author, James Beard award recipient and host of “Ellie’s Real Good Food,” and model, mom and @lifewithmicah Instagram creator, Amanda Quinones, to talk candidly about the secrets of their success. The Power Your Potential panel sponsored by Renew Life® Probiotics and moderated by NBC and USA Network’s “Talk Stoop” host Cat Greenleaf explored mental and physical well-being at every stage in life and how the gut plays a vital role. Beyond digestive health, the frank and intimate discussion tackled topics such as dealing with work stress, adulting, parenting and work-life balance.

Emmy-nominated actress Felicity Huffman, NY Times best-selling cookbook author Ellie Krieger, RDN, model Amanda Quinones and Katie Keil, marketing director for Renew Life, spoke candidly about the secrets of their success and the powerful influence their gut plays in their mental and physical.

Turning a Taboo Topic Into Powering Your Potential
A recent surveyshows that nearly three quarters of women (72 percent) have experienced an occasional digestive/gut issue in the past 12 months, but nearly two in three women (64 percent) aren’t willing to talk about gut issues with their friends.

“The gut can be such an unpleasant word, but it’s critical we talk about the importance of gut health and all the ways it can help us succeed – at every stage in life,” said Huffman. “Our family started taking probiotics 15 years ago after my daughters’ pediatrician told me about the importance of gut health and flora to keep the girls’ immune systems healthier. When we forget to take them, inevitably someone gets the sniffles, a cold or just feels out of sorts.”

The goal of the Power Your Potential panel was to spark a conversation about the powerful influence the gut plays in overall health. Renew Life is committed to the advancement of the science behind gut health and probiotics through its partnerships with major universities around the country. To further support this mission, Renew Life announced today a $100,000 award to Prof. Elaine Y. Hsiao, Assistant Professor in the Department of Integrative Biology & Physiology at UCLA based on her demonstrated excellence in the field of gut microbiome research. This award will fund additional exciting research in the Hsiao Lab to help determine how the gut microbiome impacts brain and behavior.

“I’m thrilled to receive this award from Renew Life and honored to share in their drive to understand how gut microbes communicate with the nervous system to influence health and disease,” said Hsiao, PhD.  “There are intriguing connections to explore between gut health, diet, mood and more. I feel privileged to be able to help advance this important research area and excited by the possibilities of where it can take us in the future.”  More details of this partnership and Hsiao’s findings will be announced on RenewLife.com in the coming months.

Through its “Being Human Takes Guts” initiative, Renew Life celebrates the human spirit while also educating people on the positive benefits that come from a healthy gut. “Our goal is to educate and empower people to focus on gut health because we know a healthy gut can help people do extraordinary things,” says Katie Keil, Marketing Director for Renew Life. “Too often, the gut is associated with problems. We hope to not only shift that perception by showing the positive impact of a healthy gut, but also through research to uncover new ways that a healthy gut can power one’s potential.”

“The gut is often referred to as the body’s second brain because it contains over 100 million neurons and interacts with many organ systems, including the immune system, liver and central nervous system,” said Hsiao. “Science has only begun to scratch the surface of understanding exactly how gut microbes influence the body, but there is increasing evidence that supporting a healthy gut ecosystem is important for both mind and body.”

Research shows a healthy gut has several highly positive benefits, including:

  • Immunity: At least 70 percent of your immune system is located in the gut, therefore a healthy gut can boost your immune system
  • Stress: A healthy gut can help lower stress
  • Energy: A healthy gut can help improve your stamina and expend energy better
  • Happiness: 95 percent of your body’s happiness-inducing serotonin is produced in the gut
  • Discomfort: A healthy gut can help protect against stomach discomfort
  • Diet: A healthy gut can help fight food cravings
  • Sleep: A healthy gut can help improve sleep
  • Memory: A healthy gut can help improve memory
  • Kids: A healthy gut can help support kids development and boost a child’s immune health

Huffman concurred. “Everyone in our house takes a probiotic every morning. It’s the one thing I make sure my family does to give us a leg up on staying healthy and doing our best work – whether it’s at school or on set.”

Model and mom Quinones shared her reason for using probiotics. “I never thought a probiotic would give me so much in return. When I’m taking Renew Life, I feel more balanced and energized to take on the unexpected challenges of daily life with a toddler. Anything I can do to feel my best, allows me to be the best mom I can be.”

“I generally take a food-first approach when it comes to getting the nutrients you need, but probiotic supplements like Renew Life offer a distinct advantage for gut balance that is difficult to get with food alone, so I recommend them along with getting more pre- and probiotic-rich foods into your life,” says Krieger.

Renew Life Probiotics are sold at major retailers like Target and Walmart, in addition to specialty health and nutrition stores. To find out which probiotic is right for you, visit RenewLife.com/gutcheck and use the code TAKE25 for 25 percent off your first order.

Being human takes guts. Make sure yours are up for it. Better probiotics make better humans. #beinghumantakesguts

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