England: Guard’s Polo Club – Queen’s Cup 2013

Queen’s Cup 2013

He played the tenth round qualifying tournament for the Queen’s Cup (Photo: Images of Polo).

On Saturday sixth two new games were played at Guards Polo Club for the tenth round qualifying tournament for the Copa de la Reina. The team Salkeld , with Miguel Novillo Astrada, won in extra chukker with goals from James Beim, to La Bamba de Areco , with cousins ​​Gonzalo (h) and Pablo Pieres, who were out of the tournament after two losses accumulate. Moreover, the set of Dubai , with Adolfo Cambiaso (h) and Nicolas Pieres, overcame authority Emlor , with Guillermo Caset (h) and William “Temy” Willington, by 15-9.

On Sunday 2/6, Zone 2 will be defined as it is carried out the last two games of that group. Firstly,Zacara (accumulated two wins), with Facundo Pieres, will face Aravali EFG Bank (one win and one loss), with Javier Novillo Astrada. Later, Les Lions (one win and one loss) with brothers Agust í n Sebastian Merlos, search for a quarter-final against Twelve Oaks (two games lost), with Cristián (h) and Ignacio and Marcos Di Paola Laprida .


Participating teams and areas:


Zone 1

Dubai:  Rashid Albwardy 2 Alec White 3, Nicolas Pieres 7 and Adolfo Cambiaso (h) 10 . Total: 22. 

The Backwater:  Ali Paterson 2 George Hanbury 3 David Stirling (h) 10 and William Lark (h) 7. Total: 22. 

Emlor:  Spencer McCarthy 2 Joaquín Pittaluga 7 Luke Tomlinson 7 e Ignacio González 6.   Total: 22.

Enigma:  Charlie Hanbury 4 Guillermo Caset (h) 10, William Willington 7 and Jerome Wirth 1.  Total: 22.


Zone 2

Zacara:  Lyndon Lea 1 Facundo Pieres 10 Rodrigo Ribeiro de Andrade 8 and Matt Perry 3. Total. 22. 

Les Lions:  Henry Fisher 4 Augustine Merlos 9 Sebastian Merlos 9 and Joachim Gottschalk 0. Total: 22. 

EFG Bank Aravali:  Karan Thapar 0, Mark Tomlinson 6, Javier Novillo Astrada 8 and Jaime García Huidobro 8. Total: 22. 

Twelve Oaks:  Stefano Marsaglia 0, Cristian Laprida (h) 8 Marcos Di Paola and Ignacio Laprida July 7. Total: 22. 


Zone 3

La Bamba de Areco:  Jean F. Decaux 0, Pablo Pieres 8 Gonzalo Pieres (h) 10 and Ollie Cudmore 4.  Total: 22.

Polo Team UAE:  HH Sheikha Maitha 0, Jack Richardson 4, Pablo Mac Donough 10 and Lucas Monteverde (h) 8 . Total: 22. 

Black Bears:  Guy Schwarzenbach 2 Ignatius Du Plessis 8 John Paul Clarkin 8 and Patrick O’Dwyer 4.Total: 22.

Salkeld:  Nick Clarke 0, Max Routledge 5, James Beim 7 and Miguel Novillo Astrada 9 . Total: 21. 


Zone 4

Cortium:  Adrian Kirby 1 Chris Mackenzie 5, Francisco Elizalde 7 and Eduardo Novillo Astrada (h) 9. Total: 22. 

Sumaya:  Ahmad Aboughazale 1 Facundo Sola 8 Hilario Ulloa 9 and Thomas Garbarini Islas 4 .Total: 22. 

Talandracas:  Edouard Carmignac 0, Juan Jauretche 5,  7 and John Lucas James M. Nero 10. Total: 22.

Polo HB:  Ludovic Pailloncy 1 Ignacio Toccalino 8, John I. Merlos 9 and Sebastian Pailloncy 3. Total: 21. 



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