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Getting It Write by Ken Gordon


Media-manager and owner, businessman, Cabinet minister ad inveterate fighter for press freedom, this is the life story of Ken Gordon, Trinidad and Tobago native and Caribbean man. Written in the frank, hard-hitting and uncompromising style which characterized Gordon’s approach throughout his multi-faceted career, the book takes us into the boardroom of corporate Trinidad and the halls of government and exposes the charged yet delicate interplay of race relations in a multi-ethnic society. But it is the passion for press freedom that is the focus of Ken Gordon’s autobiography.Getting it Write: Winning Caribbean Press Freedom has to separate but related dimensions. Beginning with the struggle to establish the Express as a viable newspaper of independent thought in Trinidad and Tobago, the experience equipped him well to help with the setting up of similar newspapers in Barbados, Guyana and Jamaica and in the process transfer control of the media into the hands of local ownership. In the words of Caribbean intellectual Lloyd Best, “We see more than a career which molded Express into a corporate complex on Independence Square; we also feel the cool in which a radical new concept of Caribbean-wide media was called into existence.”

The second dimension involved the battle against the politicians and their encroachment on press freedom. Gordon’s fierce opposition to such encroachments brought him into head-on collision with successive governments and entrenched business interests not only in Trinidad but in Grenada, Guyana and elsewhere in the Caribbean.

Ken Gordon has worked in the media industry for nearly five decades. Starting his career as a broadcast journalist, he has been involved in every aspect of his profession – radio, television and newspapers. On becoming CEO of a struggling Express newspaper, he was responsible for transforming it in C.C.N., the Caribbean’s largest media house. He also played a key role in establishing an indigenous privately owned media in Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Guyana and Jamaica, and was responsible for the founding of CANA – the Caribbean News Agency. His contribution to this profession has been widely acknowledged and he is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Pedro Joaquim Chamorro Award, the Lord Astor Award, the Columbia University Maria Moors Cabot Gold Medal and the Media Association of Trinidad and Tobago Service Recognition Award. Mr. Gordon lives in Trinidad with his wife and family.

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