Glow In the Dark Adventure At the Luminous Lagoon

luminousIt’s a little after 5pm when we pull into the unassuming parking lot of Glistening Waters in Falmouth, Trelawny. It’s a modest environment, quaint, with wooden paneling inside the restaurant hall we’ve just entered to inquire about our lagoon tour. A pleasant smile welcomes us and tells us the next tour goes off in just about 13 minutes and so we make our way out to the docks where we’re offered a drink for the ride.

I opt for the rum punch, a quick shot of dark rum should make this journey even more interesting. My friend Sheila keeps it kosher with a fresh glass of blended fruit punch. In a few minutes, the roar of an engine can be heard out on the waters, and we see what will be our ride approaching. Bobby introduces himself. He will be our tour guide as he maneuvers the glistening waters and explain to us what we’re about to immerse our bodies in. As we hop into the speedboat, Bobby greets all passengers with a gappy smile and a cute story of him being named after the great Bob Marley. He sings us a little tune to show how much a fan he is of his namesake. As we embark on the journey, a glowing trail lights up behind us. Bobby begins to explain that there are little creatures in the water that emit a phosphorous light when agitated. As the sun went down on our journey, the light became more and more apparent and we could see big fish darting below the surface of the water, causing even bigger light streaks

It was fascinating! Like a magic light show in the harbour just for us few guests. About 20 minutes into the ride, Bobby cut the engine and offered us a swim in the waters. I was nervous, I will admit. What kind of creatures are they? Will they bite? Will I have a reaction? Bobby jokingly reassured us that we won’t feel a thing and in fact the mud on the bottom of the sea at this particular spot is quite beneficial for our skin. Pretty sure he was pulling our leg, but curiosity got the best of us and we pulled up our big girl panties and decided to go in. Sheila shrieked when her toes sank into the mud below. It was an eerie feeling, one that words poorly describe and yet one that you must experience for yourself.

Braver friends who were on the ride with us jumped from the boat right into the water creating big glowing splashes of electric blues. When they came up for air they were briefly illuminated, looking as if they were dancing under a club’s black lights. Soon, we were all over the squishy, odd feeling of the mud below and much more excited by the glowing of our bodies as we swam around in the water. Bobby regaled us with tales of singer Shakira and other celebrities who traveled with him to come and experience this natural phenomenon that is only present in a handful of places around the world.


Someone dove down to try and bottle a bit of the mud below us and yet another person tried to bottle the glowing water. Bobby said it would last a few days in a bottle before the little creatures die. Fascinating as it is, I preferred to leave them be. I think swimming around in their habitat was trouble enough. A half hour had gone by without us even realizing it.

Bobby rounded us up and we all clamored back into the boat for the short trip back to base. We picked the right time to go. We were able to see the beauty of the natural harbour just before the sun went down surrounded in all its glory with mangroves and breathtaking scenery. Then as the sun went we were able to take a few splashes in the truly glistening waters, causing quite a bright blue ruckus at sea.

Once back at the restaurant, we decided to hang around and grab a bite to eat. We ordered jerk chicken and garlic shrimp that was served up with Jamaican favourites rice and peas and bammy sticks. It was scrumptious, the perfect end to an amazing evening. One rum punch to go please!


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