‘Gourmet’ Patties in the Heart of London? You bet.

The iconic Jamaican morsel has come of Age!

If you are from the school where “a patty is a patty is a patty”, then there’s a new spot in the heart of London that promises to change your frame of reference on this age old Jamaican goodie.

Jamaica Patty Company Storefront. 26 New Row, Covent Garden.

Jamaica Patty Company Storefront. 26 New Row, Covent Garden.

The Jamaica Patty Company opened its doors a mere six weeks ago, selling this age old Jamaican staple in one of the trendiest areas of London.  But if you’re expecting a quick ‘snatch and grab’ snack of the sort you may have come to expect, you’re in for a delightful surprise.

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If the patty of old was readily accepted as little more than a quick and filling snack – simple in taste; appreciated as much for its consistency as its simplicity, then Jamaican Patty Company has broken that  mold.  Cue the music, the gourmet patty (my phrase) has been born!

Jamaican Patty Co. is the brainchild of Jamaica-born philanthropist Theresa Roberts and her husband, private equity attorney Andrew Roberts.  Better known for throwing lavish parties in any of their exquisite homes in Jamaica, London or Sardinia, than manning the front line of a retail food venture, the attention to detail and investment of time and care that have gone into bringing this business into reality, is immediately clear.  They share a passion for the Caribbean island and were determined to ensure their foray into the culinary world was an authentic representation of the culture, presented in a style and manner that is all good taste and high quality.

The aesthetic embraces the colours and bold personality that is Jamaica, but with a modern and chic twist that comfortably sits among the trendy shops that surround in Covent Garden.

Of course at the end of the day all the intentions, aesthetics and packaging mean little if the main criterion, the taste, comes up short.  Based on my experience, Jamaica Patty Company is off to a tremendous start.  As they say in Jamaica, the largest of the English speaking islands, the flavours “sell right off”.  Under the culinary stewardship of Colin Brown, one of Jamaica’s most talented chefs, they have successfully meshed the best of Jamaican culture, aromas and taste.

My favourites were the spicy beef and the curry goat with the jerk chicken coming in a close third.  Whatever your favourite, the flavours , presentation and environment represent a welcome evolution of this great traditional Jamaican delight.

My word, the Jamaican patty has come of age!

Words by Douglas K. Gordon, Editor in Chief, OCEAN Style

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