Grande Cosmetics 2018 #GOALS – Get ‘Em, Girl!

Grande Cosmetics Offers Discount on Enhancing Products for Eyes, Lips and Brows Jan. 1 Through Jan. 5

NEW YORKDec. 28, 2017 / — January 2018 – Bored of the same, tired, unkeep-able New Year resolutions?  Us too. Diet and fitness are nice, but there must be something more attainable and just as gratifying.  Something that doesn’t require a gym membership, or starvation.

Well … Baby, New Year has a treat in store!  Grande Cosmetics has new year, new you beauty goals covered in 2018 and beyond! Be it protracted lashes, youthful brows or full, smooth lips – or all three – there is a Grande Cosmetics product ready to go in January!  Not only that, but three of Grande Cosmetics’ beauty enhancing products can cost less than the price of a single lash serum from other brands.

“I believe in celebrating one’s natural beauty and enhancing what you’ve already got, rather than making drastic changes or breaking the bank.  With this in mind, I love that Grande Cosmetics allows women (and some men) to feel confident within their own natural beauty.” Says Alicia Grande, Founder and CEO of Grande Cosmetics, “What I want most is for people to feel comfortable in the skin they’re in without the need for drastic measures such as fillers or lash extensions – which can all be very invasive, time-consuming and pricey.”

Beginning Monday, January 1st, you can receive all three of these high-performing products for just $120 at  You can literally enhance your lashes, brows and lips for less than the cost of 1 tube of lash serum from another brand.

About Grande Cosmetics: Grande Cosmetics is a leader in the field of cosmeceuticals and is best known for its 10x award-winning product GrandeLASH-MD, eyelash conditioner. Engineered with a proprietary blend, GrandeLASH-MD promotes more youthful, healthy and dramatic eyelashes within 4 to 6 weeks. Founder Alicia Grande observed her own eyelashes becoming sparser and more brittle with age, yet she was unable to find a product to offer a viable solution.  And from that need, GrandeLASH-MD was born. With a background in the beauty and natural products industry, Alicia knew the formulation needed to be safe, easy-to-use and it had to provide serious results.  She worked closely with chemists and eventually they hit on a superb cocktail of ingredients.  The results were astounding to everyone who put it to trial, and that’s when Alicia knew she needed to share GrandeLASH-MD with the world. Now, Grande Cosmetics offers over a wide-range of products for lashes, lips, brows and hair that provide long term benefits with daily use.

SOURCE Grande Cosmetics