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Catcha Falling Star Resort

Ivan’s Bar & Restaurant serves up much more than delicious eats

Ivan’s Bar & Restaurant is a testament to the persevering spirit of Jamaica

This prominent establishment rests on the Negril cliffs, but its history is one of struggle and triumph. Inclusive to the Catcha Falling Star Resort, Ivan’s has been rebuilt more than once. After succumbing to the harsh weather conditions of Hurricane Ivan, the bar and restaurant were destroyed. Unfortunate circumstances met with the property once again at the mercy of tropical storm Nicole. Today, not only has Ivan’s been restored, it now stands with more grandeur and popularity than ever before.

 Romance is a recipe all its own at Ivan’s

Famous for the candlelight that creates an ambiance of warmth and intimacy, couples love dining at Ivan’s to enjoy the food and the company of that special someone. The Night of 100 candles is a well-known and highly anticipated evening at the resort, desirable for lovers and groups gathering in celebrations of love and marriage ceremonies. Guests of the Catcha Falling Star Resort can enjoy the convenience of private dining at Ivan’s until 5 p.m., though a private dining area can still be provided during the evenings.

The scenery at Ivan’s is awe-inspiring

Imagine dining in front of the ocean, taking in the sounds and sights of crashing waves and the soft hues of candlelight. As you look out towards the ocean, the sun begins to set, filling the sky with a diverse array of colors that seems to be painted into the distance by a magical artiste. These sunsets aren’t famous for no reason! Colorful, serene, romantic, and set against the backdrop of Jamaica’s natural beauty, these scenes are daily occurrences at Ivan’s.

The chefs at Ivan’s know how to cater to your taste buds

Jamaican staple foods and international dishes come together to create a diverse, eclectic menu at Ivan’s. The presentation of every meal is sure to impress, credited to the creative visions of the chefs and their seasoning methods that create authentic gastronomic delights. Don’t forget to visit the bar, and be sure to order one of the many delicious libations during your meal.