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Jamaica is Set to Host a Spiritual Wellness Conference in 2016

SPIRITUAL HANDSCaribbean Health Tourism production (www.Caribbeanhealthtourism.com) has produced the first Caribbean Health & Wellness Conference & Expo from 2005 to 2010. It will produce “The First Annual Spiritual Wellness Workshop: The Mind/Body Experience,” slated for Saturday and Sunday, July 2-3, 2016.The event is designed as a two-day workshop & practicum featuring keynotes: Dr Glenville Ashby, journalist, spiritual wellness consultant, president of Global Interfaith Council and Dr Tony Vendryes, a certified medical doctor (anesthesiologist) who has converted to complementary & alternative medical practice, with expertise in hypnotherapy and yoga. The hands-on treatment sessions will be featured on Day 2. Each Session will attract Questions & Answers.


Unravel the purpose of life. Why do we suffer?

What is the Law of Karma?

Is the soul eternal? Is Reincarnation possible?

What are the pitfalls of spiritual awakening?

Religion and psychosis: When a breakdown is a breakthrough

Learn how to cultivate your inner energy to heal yourself and others

Learn Taoist principles and microcosmic orbit meditation and its tremendous benefits

Afro-Caribbean religions and their path to spiritual enlightenment.

St Ignatius Loyola’s Spiritual Exercises: Food for thought.

The problem with mediumship and spirit communication. The dangers of superstition

Initiation into the mysteries of the self

Learn breathing exercises for health and emotional balance

Religions of the East and West

DAY 2 -PRACTICUM -Holistic Wellness Modalities:

Holistic Massage



Select Spa & Wellness Services


For more information and to register, contact Sharon Chambers 876-310-6612 or 770-873-7685 via email atparrischambers@gmail.com