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Jamaican woman excels in Shanghai

Byronie Richards is a Jamaican living in China for over seven years. She moved to Shanghai from the USA, where she completed her MBA programme, with a concentration in International Business that focused on the Chinese Economy.

Ms. Richards has been working in the business environment in China, acting in the capacity of an Entrepreneur, Business Development and Project Manager. She assisted international businesses to establish legal operations in China. Acting in this capacity, she became proficient in the rules and regulations governing the Chinese Business environment, as well as the necessary means of operating business as a local entity. She also worked on global corporate structuring, taxes and international banking.

Ms. Richards is very active in the Shanghai community, where she has acted as the president of the Caribbean Association for two years and is currently serving on the advisory board. Here she has developed a formidable and respected persona within the Afrocentric community. She has also developed and proposed the idea of a Caribbean China Chamber of Commerce and Culture, which attracted investment of USD$2-million.

She is also keenly interested in entrepreneurship and is a founder of the first Afrocentrichair salon in Shanghai and is a founding member of the International Women of Shanghai, which focuses on giving a platform and strong social community for female entrepreneurs living in China.

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