Loop News, the Caribbean’s leading mobile news source, has reached 1 million downloads on Android devices and surpassed the 2 million users milestone. These achievements come with just over two years of operation for the Caribbean-based media house.

Since its inception, the Loop app has steadily exceeded industry benchmarks and revolutionised the way local news is consumed. Only 6 months after declaring its plans to transform the Caribbean media landscape in 2014, Loop stood as the number one news app in the region.

Trend CEO, Aileen Corrigan, stated: “It’s been a journey for Loop News as we celebrate two important milestones; 1 million downloads of the Loop news app and 2 million unique users every month across the Caribbean. This tremendous growth is a testament to our talented journalists who have really pioneered digital story-telling in the Caribbean.’

Loop News is unique because it houses relevant and exciting news from 10 Caribbean countries in a single portal. Trend’s Global Head of Content Strategy Aine Hegarty said:

“In response to user demand, we are now focusing on creating vibrant, local video content to reflect what is really happening in Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Suriname, St Lucia, the Cayman Islands, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Live reporting and exciting new video formats will put our users at the heart of all the big stories that matter to them most. It’s a very exciting time for Loop News as we strive to set new milestones for digital journalism across the region.”
Loop creates engaging news content that is easily consumed on mobile where 80% of our users prefer to get their news. Breaking news notifications ensure that users are always informed on the latest major events –even while they are on the move.

“As Loop News paves the way to the future, our team continues to push the boundaries on how we can improve the user experience while continuing to provide quality and timely news that meets and surpasses our audience’s expectations. We’d like to thank all of our users for their support .Our team is hard at work using our reader’s feedback to continually make Loop News a world-class news platform.” said Nikolas Khan, Head of Products.

Also, with 2 million monthly unique users on this regional platform, Loop offers our advertisers a way to communicate with their relevant audiences using targeted, measurable and accountable digital advertising solutions, not only locally but regionally, like no other publisher can.


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