Love is Art

ATLANTA – Love is a universal force that draws two people together. Love is a shared passion that takes two courageous souls on the ride of their lives. Love is spontaneous, sometimes happening without knowing how or why. Love Is Art.

The LOVE IS ART kit allows couples to safely make a modern, abstract painting while making love.

Founded by South African-born artist, Jeremy Brown, the LOVE IS ART kit includes all of the materials a couple needs to craft a large one-of-a-kind abstract painting while being intimate with one another.  ”It’s not about the sex,” Brown states, “it has always been and will always be about the love. Love is what creates a deep and lasting connection between two people.”

Brown developed the appropriate materials to ensure a safe project, including a treated cotton canvas and a specially-formulated all natural, non-toxic paint. Covering all bases, the kit also includes a painters tarp to protect surfaces from paint splatters, disposable slippers to make a clean walk from the canvas to the shower and even a body scrubber & body wash.

For couples looking to get extra creative, they can customize their painting by choosing from 7 different canvas colors and over 10 paint colors, including a matte black and metallic gold. The final paintings are edgy and modern, representing the thrill and passion of the couple’s shared love.

After the masterpiece is complete, the canvas is ready to be stretched and hung on the wall. There are special stretcher bar sets available on the LOVE IS ART site, as well as a tutorial video where Brown demonstrates how to stretch the final painting.

In addition to the standard & custom kits available, Brown has recently added an upgraded premium experience. The GALLERY EDITION take the process and painting to a whole new level, allowing couples to return their completed canvas to the LOVE IS ART studio where it is then stretched and covered with a hard, glass-like epoxy resin finish. Creating a final piece that would not look out-of-place hanging in a modern art gallery.

Video showcasing the “making of” the GALLERY EDITION painting:

The LOVE IS ART kits retail from $60 to $600 for the GALLERY EDITION. For more information or to place your order, visit

Jeremy Brown

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