Mega Fam A Win

Mega Fam a Win

The Marketplace on the BTA’s 2013 Mega Fam schedule was again held at the Concorde Experience, giving local tourism partners a chance to interface with over 270 visiting travel agents.

A fantastic destination with massive appeal.

This is the consensus that was echoed at the end of the just concluded BTA Mega Fam trip, which brought over 270 travel agents to the island at the end of June. With the majority being first-timers to the island, agents were impressed by the hospitality, facilities and services the island has to offer across the varying tourism product niches.

Some of the agents supporting this stance were a group out of Texas, who, amongst themselves, explained that they had such an enjoyable time and loved the island so much, that they were definitely going to convince their clients to have a vacation in Barbados. In addition to benefiting the visiting agents, another major benefit coming out of the Mega Fam profited local tourism stakeholders, who were also given the opportunity to have prime interaction with visiting agents.

Alicia Lynch, Revenue Manager at Barbados Conference Services Limited (BCSL), participated in the just concluded marketplace, and highlighted the prospective benefits that the Mega Fam’s interactive session has stimulated for BCSL.

Agents were especially pleased to see that Barbados has a conference facility to match its premium destination nature. BCSL was able to properly detail the services provided, while highlighting other important attributes including the facility’s capacity. Notably, the outsourcing of our conference discussion equipment, which was ironically used on the same day for the BTA’s presentation, garnered principal interest from our fellow French-speaking Caribbean counterparts.

Moreover, Lynch lauded the BTA’s efforts to ensure that face-to-face meetings was still a viable marketing tool in pushing the destination as a prime option. The familiarization event gives all involved a first-hand look and feel of what Barbados has to offer. Despite all of the technology available today, and the shift in how information is gathered, nothing beats face-to-face interaction.

So now, when agents are asked about a particular aspect of the destination, they can speak with an unsurpassed knowledge and authority, and this automatically catapults Barbados ahead of other competing destinations. Given the number of countries represented this year, it would have been difficult for the BTA to do an aggressive campaign in each market in a single year, so I truly believe this initiative should be continued.

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