Metropolis Reserve

Did you know that Kingston is the fourth largest metropolis in the Western Hemisphere? Well of
course you didn’t, because it isn’t true. But what is true is that the bustling capital of Jamaica boasts an energy and swagger well beyond its size. And here’s a specialty cocktail, made with its world famous Appleton rum that is equal parts chic and sophisticated and bold and strong. A great rum based cocktail worthy of any Metropolis. #happymixing


Metropolis Reserve

1 ¼ oz Appleton Estate Reserve
½ oz Triple Sec
¾ oz Lime Juice
½ oz Simple Syrup
2 ½ oz Cranberry Juice
Garnish with lemon peel and (optional) cranberry fruit.

Shake well over ice cubes in a shaker, and strain into a rocks glass. Garnish with lemon peel and

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