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Owenstone’s “Summer Lane” is the soundtrack of the Summer


Nothing says summer like cruising down the main streets or country roads on your bike, feeling the breeze in your hair and enjoying the landscape as you ride into the sunset. Imagine the great feeling of no cares in the world besides you, your bike, and all that awaits you for the fun season of no school and hang time with friends. If this is what you appreciate about the sunny days and warm weather, then “Summer Lane” will not only be your favorite video of the summer but the song will constantly be played on your favorite music gadget.

“Summer Lane” is a throwback video takes viewers on a warm-weathered escape from the fast-paced life that makes you forget the simple things that truly captivate you.

Los Angeles’s Owenstone have released a lyric video for their new single “Summer Lane.” The video premiered exclusively on Earmilk. Written and directed by Peter Quinn, the “Summer Lane” video personifies the song with an adventurous young boy who runs away from home on his motorcycle. Owenstone have received rave reviews all along the West Coast for writing orchestral and multi-layered rock songs that are “gorgeous and instantly accessible” (SkopeMag.com). The “Summer Lane” single – a preview of Owenstone’s upcoming EP – is available on the band’s website.

Owen, who wrote the lyrics floating in a boat on a fishing trip, describes “Summer Lane” as “that yearning voice in your daydreams that calls and demands your departure from the all-too-often trivialities of day-to-day life.  That point when you just have to drop everything and escape, even if you don’t know where you’re going.  That place is Summer Lane.”

We think that the song is very reminiscent of the flower child 60’s with a modern twist. The song and video takes you to a place of childhood that is filled with adventure and excitement; enjoying all the days ahead until September when we meet new teachers, books are abundant, and the cycle of learning begins again.

For more sights, sounds and news from Owenstone, visit www.owenstone.com

Check out the video here and let us know what you think…

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