New product targets the munchies: MunchEase

MunchEase, a new product that helps stave off food cravings caused by stress, sleep deprivation…and yes, from cannabis and alcohol use has been launched on 4/20, the unofficial marijuana holiday.

MunchEase ( is the first and only all-natural solution for the munchies, clinically proven to target fat cells and make people feel full faster.

MunchEase was specifically formulated to help relieve excess hunger, which can occur due to increased Leptin Resistance.

Although not made exclusively for pot users, MunchEase can indeed be beneficial to those who experience intense food cravings after marijuana use.

How does MunchEase work?

Fat cells in your body produce Leptin, the hormone that lets your brain know that you have eaten enough.  If you’re feeling stressed, tired, have excess fat or use cannabis, your body becomes resistant to leptin which can cause overeating.

After using marijuana, people experience cannabis-induced munchies due to increased leptin resistance. MunchEase regulates leptin levels naturally, restoring the body’s fullness response so you stop eating when you should, not when your plate is empty.

Clinical testing shows that MunchEase’s key ingredient, LeptAid, exerts a synergistic anti-adipogenic effect (counters the formation of fatty tissue).

MunchEase – the only daily supplement that regulates leptin levels to make you feel full – is made of all natural non-GMO ingredients, and is caffeine and stimulant free. The only other known solutions to alleviate the munchies are unsustainable tricks that require willpower and/or a lifestyle change.

Leptaid, MunchEase’s proprietary ingredient, is clinically proven to lower leptin levels which decreases food intake and increases weight loss. Leptaid showed no side effects during extensive clinical trials because all of MunchEase’s ingredients occur naturally in your body.

MunchEase’s mission is to beat hunger, so MunchEase will donate a portion of its proceeds to the top rated charity, Feeding America.

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