New Women’s Empowerment Book Reveals 10 Steps to Quitting Your Day Job


Registered Nurse turned CEO announces the release of EMBRACE THE MIRROR: Vision of Abundance and a Stronger You

SAN FRANCISCO / — It is shocking to discover that 43% of professional women with children want to leave corporate America, but have no clue how to “Embrace the Mirror and love what they see. It’s a vexing problem to which author, speaker, medical professional, and successful entrepreneur Naomi Sodomin offers real solutions. In her new self-help book, “Embrace the Mirror” she explains:
  • Self-Discovery: Quit your day job and create a business that is authentically you.
  • Awaken your spirit: Join a community that supports entrepreneurial women.
  • Learn from personal stories of triumph and failure: Hire a transformational coach to help you tap into your creativity and potential.

“The book does not offer some gimmicky quick fix,” Sodomin states. “Instead, it is your step-by-step owner’s manual for leaving the corporate world behind and succeeding beyond your wildest imagination. Best of all, there’s no need to take the plunge alone. In these pages, you will find clear principles and learn easy-to-follow steps for manifesting your dreams. One day, instead of waking up to the dreaded alarm clock, still exhausted from the day before, you will awaken with a smile, knowing that your day is yours to spend as you wish. With help and proper guidance, you can enjoy freedom, be joyful that you are giving your family your best self, and appreciate the abundance that will flow from your natural gifts and abilities,” she said.

Using her own experiences and life story of struggles and triumphs as a native of Haiti, as well as her medical knowledge, Sodomin walks readers through the principles she used to go from homeless to in-demand, highly paid Registered Nurse, and then to creating her dream business, living a life that offers her the unbridled freedom to raise her young son, travel freely, and help others who find themselves stuck in a cubicle in Corporate America.

Readers will:

  • Learn that the process of creation begins with completion. To create something new, the professional woman must learn to become complete with childhood issues, and all failures of the past. She must embrace the image in her mirror, and come to a deeper understanding that radical completion is a necessary part of the creation process. That will open the door for greater attainment.
  • Gain a deeper understanding that the solution to every problem lies in finding the common denominator. To solve the challenges around balancing career, motherhood, and community service, you must first identify who or what is causing the challenge.
  • Become aware of the loopholes in the Law of Attraction and how it’s affecting her ability to create her dream business and live the life she desires.
  • Learn that prayer changes nothing. What changes everything is your ability to enter the co-creation process with God, the universe, or whatever you chose to call it. If prayer changed everything, Haiti would be one of the wealthiest island nations on Earth. The Haitian folks can do some serious praying. You can pray about harvesting all you want to, but if you’re not planting seeds, you are not going to have anything to harvest.
  • Discover that to create massive wealth, freedom, and joy, the professional woman must access and awaken her spirit. The book offers step-by-step instructions on accessing her subconscious mind so she can create a business that reflects her own unique talents and character.

“Embrace the Mirror: Vision of Abundance and a Stronger You” is today’s modern approach to self-discovery and freedom,” she said.

About the author:
Naomi Sodomin is the founder and president of Embrace the Mirror, a personal development company providing world-class guidance for women transitioning out of corporate America to build their dream business. Naomi Sodomin is a dynamic teacher and coach, often found on stage in various venues delivering her message of self-love, freedom, joy, and abundance. She is passionate and committed to being instrumental in transforming the lives of her clients.


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