NYAM JAMAICA l Jamaican Cookbook


AUTOGRAPHED by Author Rosemary Parkinson
ENDORSED by P.J. Patterson (former Prime Minister – Jamaica)

Take a little Jamaican Folk Song blend in Reg­gae & Dancehall, jerk it well with the ethnic in­fluences that Jamaica has, dash in a pinch of ‘irie talk’ and mek me tell you, you have Jah Ja cuisine. I mean listen to this – it’s like music to the ears to any Jamaican worth his weight in salt – Breakfass of Ackee & Saltfish, Mackerel Run­down wid Green Banana, Callaloo, Dumpling and Johnny Cake. Roast Breadfruit. A box-lunch of Tripe and Beans, Cow Head, Brown Stew Fish or Curry Goat. Escoveitch & Bammy. Jerk Chicken or Pork. Talk about Conch Soup, Cow Foot, ‘Hoxtail’ wid Rice & Peas. Goongoo Peas and Red Peas Soup, Pepperpot with Spin­ners. Turned Corn Meal. Yam Pie and Coco Fritters. Gizzarda, Sweet Potato Pudding and Cassava Pone. Otaheite, Star or Rose Apple, Naseberry. Ugli and Ortanique. Matrimony. Hard Dough Bread. Friday night pot tun dong an’ is Jerk or Pan-chicken. Street food – the food of the people.

Nyam Jamaica takes up the slack from the highly acclaimed Culinaria: The Caribbean, beginning the first in a series of culinary re­ality travel books up the hills and down the dales of several Caribbean islands. This is a documentation, a photographic wondrous experience of the many people author Rose­mary Parkinson meets, has interaction with, or merely gets to know about; the many plac­es visited, parish to parish, during her years on the island of Jamaica. ‘Cotching’ a ride on her bumpy but delicious culinary travel, on occasion, are Jamaican friends, Chef Nor­ma Shirley and international photographer Cookie Kinkead.

Winner – Gourmand Cookbook Award for Jamaica (2008) in three categories, Best Design, Best Photography and Best Easy Recipes.
Winner Gold – Best World Cookbook Design (2009)
Winner – Special Recognition Award (2009) Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) for “the phenomenal contributions to the art and literary worlds that have propelled the essence and culture of the Caribbean onto the worldwide stage.”

Nyam Jamaica has been endorsed by the former Prime Minister of Jamaica The Honorable P.J.Patterson. “As in the fields of music and athletics, the Jamaican cuisine has earned its hallmark of excellence in the international marketplace. The brand is as distinctive as its coffee, reggae or rum and savoured by the connoisseurs of truly exquisite food. Nyam Jamaica takes the reader on an extraordinary culinary tour, no less exciting and delightful than a leisurely trip along our highways and country roads, passing by our lovely beaches, through our charming towns and friendly villages, into our hills and valleys. The recipes reveal the magic and expose the secrets of our wide-ranging Jamaican cuisine – genuinely “bonoonoonos.”

Ena Harvey, B.Sc, M.Sc, Hemispheric Agrotourism Specialist IICA (Inter-America Institute for the Co-operation in Agriculture) “This is a tome that can so easily be used to impact the minds of Caribbean youth in whose hands the future lies.”

Patrick Waldermar, Entrepreneur, artist, Jamaica: “One can smell the earth of Jamaica.”

Sharon Millar, Contributor – MACO Magazine. “As in most cultures, food is a common thread in Jamaica and Parkinson has used food as the medium to communicate thecountry. Nothing escapes her eye. Nothing is too small to relate. And by moving counterclockwisearound the island in a systematic fashion, she explores all aspects of “Jah Ja cuisine” with a sense of adventure and humour that bubbles up through the pages.”

Edward Cointreau (owner of the prestigious Gourmand Cookbook Awards), announced the win of Nyam Jamaica to the international press at Le Palais Royale, Paris, with these words: “For the first time, Jamaica wins Best in the World medal in the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. This year 102 countries participated. Jamaica won Best Cookbook Design in the world for “Nyam Jamaica”.




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