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One Super Simple Tip to Help You Massively Save On Your Eyeglasses Purchase!

Time to replace your eyeglasses? If you have been down that road before, you know it isn’t going to be an inexpensive affair. The average American spends almost $300 to replace his or her eyeglasses. $300 can be a sizable amount of money, especially if you weren’t prepare to spend on new eyeglasses, like when you have lost or misplaced your old glasses.

The entirety of this post is solely to help you save and save big on this new eyeglasses purchase. So, what is the big tip? It is to simply buy cheap eyeglasses online!

Buying glasses online: Why it is a smart move?

When we say cheap glasses, we don’t mean that you pay a cheap price for substandard glasses. What we mean here is that you can buy glasses with the same quality that you will find at your local mall’s glasses store, but just at a cheap or affordable price.

You might be wondering how glasses are available for cheap online, if there is no difference in quality to the ones being sold at the mall. Your worry is a very valid one. But, what you have to understand is that an e-commerce store selling glasses, like this express glasses website, are able to sell their high quality glasses for cheap for the same reason Amazon is able to offer cheap prices on everyday items that you buy at a costlier price, when you buy them in a physical store. These online retailers of express glasses maintain one or two large warehouses where their overhead costs are extremely low. Since they don’t have to pay for a fancy storefront, mall rent or for the salaries and commissions of salespeople, the cost of their landed goods is very low, especially when compared to brick and mortar retailers. They pass on this cost advantage to you as a buyer, to pique your interest to buy your glasses online, instead of at a traditional glasses store in your city or town.

Such online sites have a vast array of frames and lenses in various color, shape and material selections. Combine their large inventory with the very easy to use online search filters and you are presented with a shopping experience where the hunt for your glasses can be clearly defined, in a very limited amount of time. For instance, all it will take you is about a minute to go to a cheap eyeglasses online store and then set the search filters to only show you metal frames, in a brown color, with round shape lenses and with a rimless design. Then, just hit search to see at least a dozen frames that meet that exact criteria. It is as simple as that.

Now, if you are worried about when the glasses will be delivered to you when you buy online, especially if you want your glasses in a day, there’s no need to worry about it at all. Most online e-tailers now offer overnight glasses shipping where you receive your glasses within one business day, sometimes in less than 24 hours from the time you order. Because they have so many customers buying glasses on their websites, online retailers have set up fast delivery systems that you let you get your hands on glasses, almost as soon as you buy them. This is particularly true if you live in a large city or town.

So, there you have it. A very straightforward but very effective way to buy a great pair of eyeglasses and save a bunch of money while doing it. On an average, you are very likely to save anywhere between 30% to 50% on glasses that you buy online, as opposed to when you buy them at your local mall or your ophthalmologist’s store.