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Original gifts to complete Dad’s home-bar

Get these great and practical gift ideas for Father’s Day available from Shaker 33, Savino and Cork Pops.  They are sure to please any father, from the wine connoisseur to the beverage enthusiast! Dads will be thrilled to receive these!

Shaker 33 Cocktail Shaker

Shaker 33 is revolutionizing the cocktail making market thanks to its modern and sophisticated patented design. It is made of lightweight acrylic and shatter-proof proof material for an easy-shake.  Chills drinks, not hands!  It features an easy-to-open, lockable lid with a Dual Flow strainer for a desired slow or quick pour.  No mixology experience needed to get the best results. They come in frosted, transparent and black! MSRP: $29.95.

Available at www.shaker33.com

Savino Wine Preserver:

Savino is the must-have for any wine connoisseur!  It is designed to maintain fresh wine for up to week.  It features an innovative float that seals the wine creating a physical barrier between this and oxygen in the air, preventing oxidation.  It just measures 10.5 inches and holds a standard bottle of wine (750ml).  Available in glass and plastic. MSRP: Glass- $59.95, Acrylic $29.95

Available at www.savinowine.com

Cork Pops:

The Savor Stones are a non-diluting alternative to ice. This is a set of 9 savor stones are made of recycled soap stone or granite cut with smooth edges that won’t mar glasses.  Great for whiskey, vodka, liqueurs, white wine and more! MSRP: $20

Nicholas Collection Pop Cap designed to easily pop out any cup with no effort. The perfect item to have in-hand in the kitchen or in the home-bar, it is practical and decorative! MSRP: $19.00

Both items are available at www.corkpops.com

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