Digital - Cinnamon Hill Golf Course

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Digital - Cinnamon Hill Golf Course

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Cinnamon Hill History

Cinnamon Hill offers a quintessential golf experience while protecting a rich cultural and natural environment. From Hank Smedley’s original 1969 design to von Hagge and Baril’s brilliant 2001 redesign, this setting is preserved for future generations. A few highlights:

  • On the second tee: your club swings toward historic Rose Hall Great House.
  • Near the fourth tee-box: a centuries-old burial plot for the family of English poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
  • Winding through the course: an ancient aqueduct used to grind sugar cane in the plantation era.
  • Near the 15th green: a gentle waterfall, site of an exciting scene in the James Bond movie Live and Let Die.
  • Occupying majestic preeminence: Cinnamon Hill Great House, the second home of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash for 30 years.