Mansion on High: Las Vegas
Mansion on High: Las Vegas
Mansion on High: Las Vegas
Mansion on High: Las Vegas
Mansion on High: Las Vegas


Mansion on High: Las Vegas

November 29, 2023
6:00 pm - 2:00 am

This is a private event with absolutely no sales on site.

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Las Vegas! Get ready to elevate your MJBizCon experience with the most anticipated After Party. Presented by ILSYM Health.

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Epic Networking, Music and Vibes.

VIP Reception:
Hosted by Cheurlin by Isiah Thomas
Special Guest: Chief Tasunka Okuwa
A Culinary Masterpiece by Chef Matt.
Prepare your taste buds for a delightful journey like no other! Chef Matt and his culinary dream team have crafted a custom menu that's as creative as it is delectable. Savor gourmet cuisine that will tantalize your palette and leave you craving for more.

Exceptional Music:

Groove to the Reggae, Dance Hall, Afro beats and Motown mixes of Celebrity DJ Shacia Payne Marley, and other celebrity DJ’s and special guests.

Event Hosts

Mansion on High is brought to you through a collaboration of Marley One, Kx Family Care, Chef Matt and High Tech Healing combining a extensive event production experience along with commitment to ethical, plant-based medicine that heals and inspires.

About Marley One

The Marley One brand believes in mushrooms.

They believe in the tremendous healing power that has been known to indigenous cultures for centuries and has recently been further understood and validated through scientific research. They believe in bringing products of the highest quality that not only benefit us as individuals, but also lead to a greater global connectedness. They live in a time when wellness of body and mind, and care of spirit, are of paramount importance and value to lead fulfilling lives. Through Marley One, they hope to further the idea that within the circle of life.

About KxFamily Care

Kx Family Care is a family focused CBD personal care line founded by Stephen Marley as a branch of his Kaya Lifestyle movement. Kx only uses the highest quality, sustainably sourced, plant based ingredients, including broad spectrum hemp - that can be used by all ages and skin types. Each product integrates regenerative fruit enzymes, botanicals and seeds from Jamaica, like black seed oil, mangosteen, papaya, pineapple and soursop along with full spectrum CBD oil.

About Lion Order

LION ORDER is a movement led by Rohan Marley and a collection of professional athletes, activists and visionaries around the world who seek everlasting change. The movement is committed to the elevation and edification of consciousness via plant medicine.

About Chef Matt

Chef Matt knows how exquisite, well-prepared meals create a sense of joy and deep satisfaction. Chef Matt understands that people are not only eating well, they are also living well. Chef Matt's passion and diverse knowledge as an executive chef led to him overseeing international, multimillion-dollar restaurants for one of the world's largest luxury hotel chains. Japanese sushi restaurants, Teppanyaki restaurants, Italian, and even Las Vegas-style. Learn more about Chef Matt at and on Instagram @chefmatt2.0.

About High Tech Healing

High Tech Healing is a wellness company that focuses on herbal remedies and tools. High Tech Healing educates via Reminders of the Divine Design™ through study and respect of nature and the human body, while sipping delicious cups of tea. Learn more at and follow us on Instagram @hightechhealing.

About ILYSM Health

ILYSM Health is devoted to uplifting life quality by harnessing the therapeutic power of cannabis and nutraceuticals. We're ardent advocates for the transformative benefits of natural supplements and stand by our commitment to deliver science-driven, plant-based remedies. We at ILYSM Health are attuned to the growing demand for reliable solutions to enhance sexual health and overall vitality.

Mansion on High is presented by ILYSM Health and proudly supported by

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