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Realtor, Philanthropist and Motivational Speaker Kristen Weardon Joins Cast of Real Estate Reality TV Show

Kristen Weardon Real Estate

NAPLES, Fla., April 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Reality show ‘Billionaire’s Coast – Naples’ has added Realtor, Philanthropist, Host, Motivational Speaker and Former Pageant Winner to its cast.  Kristen Weardon will be a new featured Realtor starting with the second episode, which will be filming this week in Naples.

Born in Greenwich, Conn., Kristen Weardon moved to Naples with her parents when she was 7.  Kristen has real estate in her blood, having grown up in and around the real estate industry. Her grandfather was a builder in Greenwich, Conn. for 67 years where she spent many a summer and holiday, and her mother Donna Anderson owned a real estate firm.  Kristen joined the family business, becoming a licensed realtor in 1989.  Being a realtor in Naples for over 25 years and currently a full time resident of Pelican Bay, she has experienced the ups and downs of the Real Estate Market, as well as the growth of Naples to a world-class destination. This makes Weardon an informed agent in today’s market, well established in the community and a natural fit for the show’s cast.

Not only does Weardon bring her knowledge of Luxury Real Estate to the show, Kristen brings her style, grace and charisma to the screen.  Her experience includes being both on-stage and on-camera from her years as a spokesmodel for the WIN Foundation, as a motivational speaker, and from her numerous pageant wins (both in the USA and abroad). Weardon was also the Event Director for Florida Fashion Week, and has hosted numerous events live both off- and on-camera globally.

Though hesitant at first to be involved in a reality show, “given all the drama and negativity surrounding many”, Kristen said, “I feel that this show focuses more on the business aspect and I look forward to bringing my eclectic life experiences, my love of real estate, and my love of Naples to the show.”

Billionaires’ Coast – Naples, produced by ITZ Studios, will focus on the luxury real estate market, the clientele that purchase these extravagant homes and the realtors who have to make it all happen. The show will examine the highs and lows each agent experiences in dealing with the real estate market; how they balance their family, cope with the pressure and the competition.  When you see the other real estate reality shows like Million Dollar Listing in cities like Los Angeles and New York, filming in Naples makes sense. Though Naples is a quieter place in comparison for the uber rich and famous to call their sometimes 2nd or even third home, statistically there are approx. 12,000 millionaire households making up almost 9% of the population.

Bravo and HGTV are natural targets for his shows, and according to Mr. Ardezzone, Seacrest Productions has interest at this time.