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Recipe for Refreshment: Stir Up Some Cool Summer Beverages

HOUSTONJuly 20, 2017/ — Hot days call for cold drinks, and the flavors are endless.  Create some cool summer refreshment in your kitchen with these tips and tools.

Make edible, cooling shot glasses from ice or chocolate with Zoku Shooter Ice Molds.  Fill the silicone molds with water or other liquids and freeze.  Once frozen, easily peel back the flexible silicone to reveal your frozen shot glass, and then fill with your favorite liquor or beverage for sipping or shooting.

Zoku Shooter Ice Molds

Enjoy cold frothed milk specialties – such as cold frothed chocolate, key lime latte, strawberry crème and more –  with the Jura Milk Frother, a quick, no-mess way to make velvety-soft milk foam.  Easy to operate with a single button, it prepares cold, warm or hot milk foam in a flash. Personalize drinks with flavored or chocolate syrups, spices, lemonade, fruit juice or other flavors.

via 1stincoffee.com

Wine lovers can take it easy with the Peugeot Elis Touch, a new generation electric corkscrew in brushed stainless steel.  It operates automatically by pressing on the cork, for flawless functionality and sophisticated presentation.  Removes any type of wine bottle cork – quickly, quietly and smoothly.  It uncorks 40 bottles with one charge and comes with a charger base and foil cutter.

The ultimate juice press, the Cilio Citrus Press from Frieling makes it quick and fun to juice oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes for juice blends, cocktails, smoothies and more.  Built for speed and ease of use, this commercial-quality tool has a great design and makes short work of juicing.

Image result for Cilio Citrus Press from Frieling

For refreshing iced coffee, brew a fresh pot with the Capresso SG300 Stainless Steel Coffee Maker. Once coffee is brewed and at room temperature, freeze some in an ice cube tray and chill the rest – then mix the coffee and ice cubes with your choice of half and half, condensed milk and/or flavored syrup.  This 12-cup coffee maker features multiple nozzles for full saturation of coffee grounds, GoldTone filter and 24-hour clock/timer.  For more iced coffee recipes, visit https://capressoblog.com/

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