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Chef Tim Tibbitts – featured chef at OCEAN Style RESERVEDnyc – Chefs of the Caribbean

Chef Tim Tibbitts - Flying Fish Restaurant, Freeport, Bahamas

Chef Tim Tibbitts – Flying Fish Restaurant, Freeport, Bahamas

Chef Story: Tim Tibbitts – Flying Fish

A Bahamian native raised in the multicultural metropolis of Toronto, Canada, internationally-recognized Chef Tim Tibbitts brings a new level of culinary expertise to Grand Bahama Island. Having developed a passion for cooking as a child, Tim spent his younger years watching notable chefs like Julia Child, Martin Yan, Jacques Pepin, The Frugal Gourmet and Emeril Lagasse in lieu of classic cartoons – and by the time he was 12, he had already prepared and cooked his very own duck a l’orange. Turning his personal education into a professional one, Tim’s passion led him to apply for the Canadian Apprenticeship Program at the renowned George Brown College School of Culinary Arts, where he studied traditional European cuisine and discovered his passion for fusing locally-sourced ingredients in unique ways: a hallmark of his culinary style today. In 2012, along with his wife and restaurant Sommelier Rebecca Tibbitts, Tim became Co-Founder and Chef of their global restaurant concept, Flying Fish – an intelligent, modernly eclectic and seasonal fine dining experience that combines Asian, European, Canadian and Caribbean influences with fresh, sea-to-table fare, handcrafted cocktails and an extensive wine list of exclusive grapes from around the world.

For Tim, the art of cooking is about more than a recipe: it’s a product of passion, teamwork and food science, and a commitment to preserving the environment from which he gets his ingredients. Inspired by his experience as an apprentice, when his chef at the time put Tim’s own brown butter Calamari on the evening menu – a signature dish at Flying Fish, today – Chef Tim Tibbitts values input from his culinary team and applies that practice in his own restaurant. Driven by his dedication to sustainability, he only uses seasonal ingredients that are indigenous to the Bahamas and available in abundance. Most notable about his style, however, is his inventive combinations and careful attention to detail with each and every dish – symbolizing his commitment to creativity, quality and offering guests a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Since opening Flying Fish, Chef Tim Tibbitts has gained notoriety throughout the Bahamas and beyond – earning recognition by Caribbean Journal as one of the “Caribbean’s Top 25 Chefs” in 2014. Securing an AAA Four-Diamond rating for Flying Fish, only the third Bahamian restaurant in history and the first on Grand Bahama Island to accomplish this feat, Tim publishes a weekly “Food for Thought” column in The Freeport News. He is regularly featured as a guest chef in the Canadian magazine Bob Izumi’s Real Fishing, is filming his first reality show about life as a top chef, and is currently in the developing stages of two additional television shows with the RTR Media, a Canadian production company, about the food industry in the Caribbean.

Chef Tim Tibbitts is one of the featured chefs at RESERVEDnyc – Chefs of the Caribbean. August 7, 2014. 267 Fifth Avenue, NYC.