RESERVEDnyc – Chef Brian Lumley

Chef Brian Lumley – featured chef at OCEAN Style RESERVEDnyc – Chefs of the Caribbean

Chef Brian Lumley

Chef Brian Lumley

Chef Brian Lumley

Chef Lumley is one of Jamaica’s influential mentors; known for his humility, passion, warmth and unshakable work ethic as for his culinary expertise.  He is the creative visionary behind one of Jamaica’s most loved restaurants; 689 By Brian Lumley. Lumley’s vision is continuous progression; to offer every customer the best food cooked to the highest standard in a comfortable dining environment.

Honoured on many occasions, Chef Lumley has earned outstanding accomplishments; copping the coveted Taste of Jamaica’s “Chef of the Year” award twice in 2008 and 2012 – the youngest ever chef to win this prestigious honor – at ages 21 and 25. He joined forces with the Jamaica national culinary team and competed at 2009 staging of Taste of Caribbean (Puerto Rico) copping a team gold medal while Chef Lumley won a personal bronze. He returned in 2010 to the Taste of Jamaica culinary competition where he was awarded the Hans Schenk prize for “Most Innovative Use of Caribbean Ingredients” and a personal silver medal.

2013 saw the young prodigy earning the top individual prize of “Caribbean Chef of the Year” at the Taste of the Caribbean’s regional culinary showcase which he aptly described as “the best moment of my life.” An award of this magnitude has not been won by a Jamaican chef since 1999. 

He’s not done yet. He aspires to work alongside top chefs in the industry in continuing his journey and achieving top certification as an Executive Chef.

Chef Brian Lumley is one of the featured chefs at RESERVEDnyc – Chefs of the Caribbean. August 7, 2014. 267 Fifth Avenue, NYC.